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The CCPH Awards Program pays tribute to our distinguished colleagues and mentors in the public history field. CCPH grants awards in three categories.

The Dave Byrd Certificate of Meritorious Performance and Promise award is given to an individual, organization, or agency accomplishing an outstanding contribution to the promotion of history.

The Award of Distinction is granted to an individual, organization, or agency accomplishing long-term outstanding contributions, lifetime achievements, or dedication of career duties to promote history.

The James C. Williams Award for Outstanding Service is a special commendation given to an individual, organization, or agency member of CCPH demonstrating professional excellence and long-term commitment to this organization.

CCPH invites nominations for awards each year in the Spring, and generally we request that nomination applications be submitted by mid-Summer. Awards are presented during the Awards Luncheon at each year's annual conference. Use either of the following forms to nominate an individual or organization for a 2009 award: Form Fill-Word Format or Print and Fill-PDF Format.

For more information about the CCPH Awards Program, contact Awards Committee Chair Donna Harris at or (562) 981-3810.

Past Award Winners
  • 2009
  • Kent Seavey - Award of Distinction
    Mike Magliari - Award of Distinction
    Dick Orsi - James C. Williams Award for Outstanding Service

  • 2008
  • Dennis Judd - Award of Distinction
    Alexa Clausen - Award of Distinction
    Joan Sullivan - Award of Special Recognition

  • 2007
    Walter P. Gray III - Award of Distinction
    John W. Robinson - Award of Distinction
    Leslie Fryman - James C. Williams Award for Outstanding Service
  • 2006
    Rosemary Beebe and Robert Senkewicz - Certificate of Meritorious Performance
    Jack Douglas - Award of Distinction
    Pamela Conners - Award of Distinction
    Jenan Saunders - James C. Williams Award for Outstanding Service
  • 2005
    Gaynell Wald - Certificate of Meritorious Performance
    Gary Kurutz - Award of Distinction
    Chris Brewer - Award of Distinction
  • 2004
    Klamath-Trinity School District's Indian Education Program - Certificate of Meritorious Performance
    Peter Palmquist - Award of Distinction
    Hans Kreutzburg - Award of Distinction
  • 2003
    Fred Lewis - Certificate of Meritorious Performance
    Mary Helmich - Certificate of Meritorious Performance
    Judy Triem - Award of Distinction
    Mitch Stone - Award of Distinction
    Chuck Wilson - James C. Williams Award
  • 2002
    Victoria Kastner - Certificate of Meritorious Performance
    Howard S. "Dick" Miller - Award of Distinction
    Robert Pavlik - James C. Williams Award
  • 2001
    JRP Hist. Consulting Services - Certificate of Meritorious Performance
    Raymond G. Starr - Award of Distinction
    Ellen Calomiris - James C. Williams Award
  • 2000
    Michael Bennett - James C. Williams Award
    Richard Orsi - Award of Distinction
    Peter Blodgett - Certificate of Meritorious Performance
  • 1999
    Teena Stern - James C. Williams Award
    Michael McCone - Award of Distinction
    Lawrence deGraaf - Certificate of Meritorious Performance
  • 1998
    John W. Snyder - Award of Distinction
    Julia G. Costello - Certificate of Meritorious Performance
    Edna Kimbro - Certificate of Meritorious Performance
  • 1997
    Mary Louise Days - Award of Distinction
  • 1996
    Barbara McDonnell - Presidential Citation
    Donna Pozzi - Award of Distinction
  • 1995
    Dr. Kenneth Owens - Award of Distinction
  • 1994
    Dr. Robert V. Hine - Award of Distinction
    Malcolm Margolin - Award of Distinction
    Dr. James Williams - Award of Distinction
  • 1993
    Dr. Robert Kelley - Lifetime Achievement
  • 1992
    Robert L Hoover - Award of Distinction
    Craig Bates and Martha Lee - Certificate of Merit
    Lawrence Riveroll - Certificate of Meritorious Performance
  • 1991
    Nadine Applegate Hathaway - Lifetime Service
    Rebecca Conrad - Special Commendation
    Harold Kirker - Special Commendation
  • 1990
    Knox Mellon - Lifetime Service
    Shirley Sargent - Certificate of Merit
    Santa Susana Mtn Park Assoc. - Certificate of Merit
  • 1989
    Dr. Al Hurtado - Certificate of Merit
    John Burns - Certificate of Merit
  • 1988
    Orange County Historical Society - Certificate of Commendation
    Diana Seider - Certificate of Commendation
    L. Thomas Frye - Lifetime Service
  • 1987
    W. Turrentine Jackson - Certificate of Commendation
  • 1986
    Riverside City, County Public Library - Certificate of Merit
    Judith Cunningham - Certificate of Merit
    Siskiyou County Museum - Certificate of Commendation
    The Institute for Historical Study - Certificate of Merit
    Beth Wyman - Certificate of Merit
    The Sun House Guild - Certificate of Commendation
  • 1985
    Dr. Harry Lawton - Award of Distinction
    Dr. Doyce Nunis, Jr. - Award of Distinction
    Dr. James C. Williams - Award of Distinction
    Ad Hoc Committee for the Preservation of Mission San Diego de Alcala - Certificate of Merit
    Fort Guijarros Museum Foundation - Certificate of Merit
    John Edward Power - Certificate of Merit
    Mendocino County Board of Supervisors - Certificate of Commendation
    David Fredriksons - Certificate of Commendation
    Marian Mitchell-Wilson - Joint Certificate of Appreciation