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Register of Professional Historians

The California Council for the Promotion of History established the Register of Professional Historians in 1986 as a list of professional historians interested in and qualified to work as public historians (that is, historians working outside of the college and university setting).

CCPH recognized that historians and those with related training were increasingly used by government and industry to do research in support of litigation, environmental impact and cultural resources work, as well as toxic waste studies. Historians have served as expert witnesses, provided record management and archival services, and provided historic preservation and planning work. They have also contributed exhibit research and design services for businesses, museums, historic parks, and various other agencies.

Until the CCPH Register of Professional Historians was established, there was no convenient way to contact professionals with experience in these fields. The Register provides that method of contact.

    How to be Listed on the Register of Professional Historians

    Pending action by the Board of Directors, CCPH has suspended additions to its Register of Professional Historians.  CCPH may reinstate the RPH in mid-2011. We appreciate your interest in CCPH and in the Register; please check back with us at: or .

    Those included in the CCPH Register of Professional Historians have completed an application, submited a $30 registration fee, and met the following criteria.

    1. Agree to abide by the CCPH Standards of Professional Conduct.
    2. Hold an advanced degree in history, such as an M.A., Ph.D., or official A.B.D. from an accredited institution; or hold a B.A. in history and provide evidence of substantial practical experience (a minimum of two years).
    3. Have designed and executed a historical study as evidenced by a M.A. thesis or Ph.D. dissertation, or a report or series of reports equivalent in scope. The report(s) must indicate substantive historical analysis based upon an explicit theoretical orientation. Purely descriptive reports are not equivalent.
    Each applicant applies for a listing in the Register by areas of specialization. CCPH recognizes the following areas of specialization:
    • Archival Administration
    • Business History
    • Cultural Resources Management
    • Expert Witness Services
    • Family History and Genealogy
    • Historical Administration
    • Historical Archaeology
    • Historical Architecture
    • Historic Preservation
    • Museology
    • Regional and Community History

    Listings in the Register reflect the registrant's skill in history and emphasis in one of the above fields. Other listings or registers may recognize skills in related specialities or disciplines, using different criteria.

    How to get a copy of the CCPH Register of Professional Historians

    You may download a copy of the Register of Professional Historians in Adobe PDF. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document.