Equipment Reservations

cimera figure 1


The CIMERA Shared-Use Facility

Molecular Suite (A): Applied Biosystems 3130 DNA Analyzer, a chemi-luminescent detection and gel-documentation system, three thermocyclers and accessories for nucleic acid analysis.

Cell Culture Room (B): Four level II biosafety hoods, three water-jacketed CO2 incubators, and an inverted microscope.

Storage Room (C): Sorvall centrifuge, Beckman ultracentrifuge, –80oC and –20oC freezers and +4oC refrigerator.

Print/Hall Space (D): Hewlett-Packard poster printer with a dedicated computer station.

Microbiology Suite (E): 37oC shaking and culture incubators, level II biosafety hood, and balance.

Cell Analysis Suite(F): Olympus Confocal Microscope, Millipore Flow cytometer and Maxwell DNA/RNA Extractor.

Dark Room (G): Fume hood and Nikon inverted Fluorescent microscope with dedicated computer.

Manager Office (H)