major religion - Buddhism.

represents the structure


into existence around

the one currently  used. 

The Cambodian Flag:

The blue color symbolizes the country's royalty. The red represents the nation and the white represents the religion, beginning with Brahmanism, and the current  The  emblem   of  the temple

of the universe.
The first Cambodian flag came 1863. It was  quite  similar  to

Latest Updates -


Our Bok La-Hong/Karaoke/Dance party was a blast!  The winner of the Bok La-Hong contest was everyone, in that we all had fun making it and eating it.  Although the "kicks" in some of the dishes had some of us scrambling for water.   Let's carry on this success in making great Bok La-Hong towards fund-raising for CSAS!  And on that note (pun intended) Karaoke/Dancing the





night away with our fellow CSAS members was successful as well.  But this would not have been possible without a little help or shall I say alot, from our good old friend Mr. Alcohol.  We will be posting pictures soon for your viewing pleasure  under Gallery.  *Disclaimer: some images may not be suitable for children under age 18* ... Until then, good health and good wealth! ~cheers from CSAS.


03/02/2007 Updates -


Thank you, to those who attended the CSAS Info Session.  We hope you enjoyed the Info Session and that it has diversified your cultural views, particularly of Cambodia.  Great work to our CSAS members in executing the presentations in such a tight timeline.  Please stay tuned for future events presented by CSAS,  it only gets better. :)


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Mission Statement

We, the Cambodian Student Association of Sacramento State University, believe that by (1) building and strengthening the identification of the Cambodian culture among fellow members, students and community at large, (2) offering consistent academic, social and moral encouragement through activities and community service and (3) developing social networks that will assist us during our time in college and in our lives thereafter, we will have established rare relationships and support systems based on common principles and values with fellow members who share common interests.


a. To promote and learn about Cambodian culture.

b. To be the voice on campus for people who are interested in Cambodia and Cambodian culture.

c. To provide both academic and social support.

d. To encourage Cambodian youth to pursue higher education.

e. To network with other Cambodian student associations at other colleges or universities.

f. To have fun.




     Chumreap Sue!


Welcome to Cambodian Student Association of Sacramento!


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