Environmental Students Organization

California State University, Sacramento

"Our mission is to educate the CSUS campus on current
environmental issues and to spread environmental
awareness within the community. We are a non-partisan
group and welcome all who are interested or concerned
about our ecological community. We are about
establishing connections, applying new or different
concepts, trying new ideas, building bonds, having
fun, and getting things done."

The Environmental Student Organization
is a group of diverse Sac State students that
are committed to educating the campus and
surrounding community on important environment
issues and to actively improving our environment.
All students are welcome regardless of major.

September 28, 2008 - Website Updated:

The ESO website has finally been updated!!! Hurray!!! The website is still being adjusted a little still. There might be some things that look odd but, it should all be fixed very soon! The Calendar is compeleted updated all the way till December with the meeting dates and where the meetings are located. When more events are planned, those dates will be added to the Calendar. This everyone will be able to see all the great things we are doing this semester. If anyone has any idea on things to add to the website or how to improve it, I'm completely open to sugggestions. I can be reached at jmherrig@hotmail.com.

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