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Martial Arts Club NEWS ARCHIVE -

Next Martial Arts Club Demo
Date: Thursday, Feb. 17
Time: 12 Noon
Place: Redwood Room, CSUS Union
with Special Guest: Beijing Wushu Team member Master Li Quiang

Welcome Back
Wushu/Kung-Fu (Beginners) : Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:30 P.M. @ YSM 183
Wushu/Kung-Fu (Intermediate/Weapons) : Tuesdays 8:30 - 10:00 P.M. @ YSM 183
Tai Chi: Fridays 1:00 - 2:00 P.M. @ YSM 183
Wushu/Kung-Fu (Review) Fridays 2:00 - 3:00 P.M.

Last Fall04 Tai Chi lesson
Date: Friday December 10th @ 2 P.M.

Martial Arts Club Meeting
Date: Thursday December 9th
Time: After workout
Please read the AGENDA.
Important issues will be discussed

Martial Arts Movies/Videos day
We are going to have a Martial Art Club Movie day on the November 20th to make our martial artist life more enjoyable
Details as follow: Just relax and kick back while enjoying some good martial art movies
Who can join?
All Martial Art club members and friends are welcome.
November 20th(Saturday),2004. 12:00pm to 6:00pm
What to do there: Watch some movies and enjoy some videogames. members are welcome to bring their favor martial art movies and share them
We will take off for dinner after 6pm to celebate for our President Mike's birthday. Members and friends are welcome to join the dinner as well.
Contact Information: Feel free to contact Ken for any queston; his contact number is 916-607-2478.

10/30/04 - Our newly scheduled demo for the Natural High Fair sponsored by CSUS Peak Adventures is coming. This demo is part of the annual CSUS Natural High Fair, which is held along with National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week to promote alternatives to drugs and alcohol. There will be numerous info booths and one demonstration (by the Martial Arts Club).
Date: Thursday November 4th Time: 11:40am Location: University Union Redwood Room (if raining) OR Library Quad (if sunny)
For more information: About the fair in general, contact Ken Morton at (916) 278-5384 About the martial arts demonstration, contact Michael Chen at (916) 995-6818

10/19/04 - Our demo for the Natural High Fair sponsored by CSUS Peak Adventures, originally set for 10/20, has been rescheduled due to rain. New details: November 4, 11:40am, Library Quad (or Union Redwood Room if raining).

10/05/04 - Trip to San Francisco
This Saturday, October 9, officials of the Martial Arts Club are having a trip to San Francisco in order to purchase new equipment (i.e. weapons). All members and friends of the Martial Arts club are welcome to join.
More details of the trip will be given this thursday during the workout.

9/20/04 - Tai Chi workouts have been moved to Fridays, 2pm - 3pm, and will be taught by Mr. Ken Ng from now on. Let's thank Nhi Luong for her years of committment to the Martial Arts Club and Rennaisance Program's Tai Chi program. We'll see her again at various events. Again, from now on the Tai Chi schedule is:
Tai Chi: Fridays 2:00 - 3:00 P.M. @ YSM 183

8/30/04 - It's time to start working out again!
Fall 2004 Classes Schedule
Wushu/Kung-Fu (beginners) : Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30 P.M. @ YSM 183
Wushu/Kung-Fu (intermediate) : Thursdays 8:30 - 10:00 P.M. @ YSM 183
Tai Chi: Fridays 2:00 - 3:00 P.M. @ YSM 183 (First class: Sep. 10th)

8/26/04 - New Officers! Check out to "Officers" link to the left to see the voting/election results.

8/22/04 - It's time to nominate new officers! If you'd like to suggest a fellow member for any officer position, email your nominations to
All members interested in an officer position and anyone accepting a nomination should attend Thursday's meeting if possible.
All members who are currently enrolled at CSUS are eligible to vote at Thursday's meeting (university policy), and can also vote via email if unable to attend.

8/9/04 - Next Martial Arts Club Meeting:
Date: Thursday, August 26 2004
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Place: CSUS Union building
1) Election of Officers
2) Assignment of duties
3) Member fee and fee payment plan
4) Uniforms
5) open ...

8/5/04 -     Cesar Chang is our new Webmaster! Let's give him a warm welcome.

7/23/04 -     Next Thursday is our last summer workout before school starts. We will have an officers' meeting afterward. All current officers and anyone interested in becoming an officer for the upcoming Fall 2004 semester are to attend.

7/22/04 -     Webmaster position available. Email

7/1/04 -     Our demo on behalf of the Folsom Library is next Thursday, July 8 at 2:30pm. Performers please get there by 1pm to park/change/warm up/etc. The demo will take place in the building on 52 Natoma Street, which apparently is not the library itself.
Take the Freeway US-50 E toward PLACERVILLE. Take the FOLSOM BLVD exit- exit number 23. Take exit number 23 on the left toward FOLSOM. Turn LEFT onto FOLSOM BLVD. Turn RIGHT onto NATOMA ST. End at 52 Natoma St Folsom CA.
Currently signed on to perform are Arthur, Cesar, Cindy, Ken, Mike, and Tu.

5/25/04 -     By popular demand: Summer Workouts! If you said you wanted it, show up. Same place, days, and times as always: Thursdays at 6:30pm in YSM 183. Starting this Thursday!

5/24/04 -     The VSA (Vietnamese Student Association) Demo is this Friday, May 28 at 7pm, in the Union's Ballroom. The event is open to the public and includes food, but the VSA is charging at the door. If you're a Martial Arts Club member and want to attend, we'll make sure you get in for free. Just send an email to by Thursday. Demo team members will be there and won't have to pay, of course.

5/23/04 -     World Journal, a local newspaper published in Chinese has published an article on our Lord of the Rings Demonstration that took place on May 13. The article can be found in the May 23, 2004 issue of World Journal on pgae B5.
Click to view article

5/14/04 -     Club President Michael Chen's graduation is coming up on May 22, at 12 noon, in the Sac State football field. Come on by!

5/13/04 -     Awesome job at the Lord of the Rings show! Stunning performance and great teamwork. Special thanks to our demo team for the hard work. Also, friends who came by for support and UNIQUE Programs for the friendly accomodations.

5/12/04 -     The Lord of the Rings showing is upon us! Tomorrow night, our demo's at 7:40pm and the LOTR Return of the King movie starts at 8pm, at Joe Serna Plaza. Join us for costumed action and fun, and the movie afterwards.
Date: Thursday, 5/13/04
Demo Time: 7:40pm
Movie Time: 8:00pm
Place: Union, Joe Serna Plaza

5/4/04 -     The Student Awards Reception is tomorrow night. We've been nominated for multiple awards. Come by in club T-Shirts and represent.
Date: Wednesday, 5/5/04
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Place: Union, Redwood Room

5/2/04 -     This Thursday is our last rehearsal for the Lord of the Rings demonstration! Bring everything (Costumes, wigs, props, music, etc.)
Cruz: The dress Cruz you were modifying
Bret: Your costume and wig, and the dress Cruz was modifying if she's unable to make the rehearsal
Cesar: Mask and chest piece
Magic: Your stuff and the box
Scott: Your costume and wig
Arthur: Music, gloves
Mike H: Your costume and wig
Jenny: Your costume
Michael Chen: Everything else

4/26/04 -     Awesome job at the demo! Special thanks to our hard-working performers and members who came by to watch and provide support.

4/20/04 -     As listed in the events section, Multicultural Night Demo is tomorrow! We're confirmed to perform at 8pm, right after the event's first intermission. Demo team: Meet at the Union Ballroom by 5:30pm. The stage is open to rehearsal until 6pm. Signed on to perform are: Michael Chen, Arthur Hong, Caesar Chang, Magic Orgil, and special guest from China, Tai Chi Master Cindy Xing. Demo details:

Date: Wednesday 4/21/04
Time: 8 pm
Place: CSUS Union Ballroom

4/19/04 -     Tai Chi Master Cindy Xing from China is in town and has agreed to perform with us in the Multicultural Night demo on the 21st (see "events" section for details).

4/18/04 -     Rehearsal for our Lord of the Rings performance in May will start at 6:30pm this coming Thursday! Same place as always (YSM 183). CSUS Program Advisor Dean Sorensen will be in our show! He's likely to rehearse with us at 6:30, and a reporter from a Chinese newspaper is also scheduled to attend. Come on time at 6:30.

4/1/04 -     Event section updated. More demo info updated. Check it out.

3/31/04 -     Our costumes for the Lord of the Rings demo have arrived! Demo team: Be sure to come by at the weekly workouts to try them on and make any adjustments.

3/27/04 -     ASI Vice President, Julio, invited the Martial Arts Club to demo for Multicultural Night on April 21, 2004 at night, in the CSUS Union Ballroom. It's open to the public. Come check it out!

3/9/04 -     The Vietnamese Student Association changed their event date for which they invited us to perform.
From VSA President, Hai Nguyen, "We changed the date to May 28th (Friday) at Sacramento State University in the University Ballroom from 6pm-10pm." It comes after graduation and the end of the semester. Demo team, check your schedules.

2/26/04 -     The Vietnamese Student Association has invited us to demo for their event at CRC on April 24th, at 8pm. Demo team get ready.

2/25/04 -     CSUS has invited us to perform at the campus showing of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King on May 13, 2004. It will be a bit different from our usual demo. Ideas (especially comedic ones) are welcome.

2/24/04 -     The RLS department's Dr. Olson has once again invited us to demo for his classes. Details are in the works and will be posted here.

2/11/04 -     Stanford University is hosting the 8th Annual Collegiate Wushu Championships on February 21, 2004. Visit for more information. There will be a Masters' Demo after the tournament. Stanford is charging $10 admission. Note that the CSUS Martial Arts Club will pay the admission fee for all members who attend.
We're not competing in this year's event, but if anyone's interested watching the tournament and/or the Masters' Demo, we'll arrange carpools at our Thursday meeting.

2/10/04 -     Tai Chi schedule confirmed:
Days: Fridays
Time: 1 pm
Place: YSM 183 (Yosemite Hall)

Wushu/Kung-Fu schedule unchanged (Thursdays @ 7pm in YSM 183).
Come early at 6:30pm for extra help with forms, combat routines, etc.

1/27/04 -     Welcome back!
Club meeting this Thursday!
Date: Thursday, Jan 29, 2004
Time: 7pm
Place: YSM 183 (Yosemite Hall)

12/30/03 -     Hope everyone had a great Christmas. And have a Happy New Year!

12/28/03 -     Our December 4th event brought quite a crowd. Dr. Olson would like to thank everyone for a job well done. Also thanks to Arthur and Mike, who pulled through all three sessions despite having the flu. And to Steve and Scott, who performed extra material in place of our few missing demo team members. And to Nhi and Toshiye, who took time off work to perform Tai Chi for us. And to Dr. Kumagai for coming out to support our event. And to RLS 100 Sections 3, 4 , and 5 for being such a great crowd.

11/28/03 -     Former Club President Ying Moua's wedding is today! Congratulations, Ying!

11/27/03 -     Demo Team: Get ready for our Dec. 4 event (see below). Currently signed on to perform are Scott Kugler, Jesse James, Bart Hubbard, Arthur Hong, Steve Favis, and Mike Chen. Pick up your event parking permits at the J-Street Entrance Info Booth. Tell them you're performing for RLS 100. Permits are valid for both Student and Faculty spaces. We'll meet in the Union's Redwood Room at 8:10am to set up before RLS students come piling in.

11/26/03 -     Upcoming event: Demo and instructional seminar for Dr. Olson's RLS 100 classes. We have been invited to perform for, and teach Dr. Olson's classes for a day. This event is also known as the Martial Arts Leisure Lab. We will do three seperate sessions, one for each RLS 100 class. Open to the public!
Place: Univeristy Union, Redwood Room (1st Floor)
Date: Thursday, December 4
9:00 am
10:30 am
12:00 noon

11/20/03 -     Today is Club Founder Mike Chen's birthday. Happy birthday, Mike!

10/19/03 -     Gallery section update: Matrix Demo pictures are up! If you have other pics from the event, feel free to submit them for posting.

10/11/03 -     Awesome job at the demo, everyone! To all who came to perform, watch, or help out, thanks for coming by. Special thanks to those who came all the way from San Francisco, Davis, and Stockton.

10/9/03 -     The Matrix Demo is tonight! Come by and show some spirit! Enjoy the show! Stay for the movie! Die by the sword (if you're in the demo)! hahahahaha!
7:15pm Demo
7:21pm James dies (not realy, but a part of the show)
7:30pm Movie
at the Joe Serna Plaza

10/1/03 -     Tai Chi class update: Tai Chi is from Noon to 1pm all throughout October. Master Luong will be out of town all month. Toshi will take over for her temporarily.
Again, Tai Chi for October:
Time: 12noon to 1pm
Place: YSM 183

9/29/03 -     Club trip update: Wushu Master Jinheng Li event prices quoted by the Guangxi School of Martial Arts:
Date: Oct. 4 (Sat)
$10: reception, includes food (8am)
$50: instructional seminar on wushu hand forms (8:30am)
$100: full package (8 am reception, 8:30am wushu hand forms, 10:30 wushu spear seminar)
We have to RSVP by Tuesday night! Email if interested.

9/28/03 -     Demo at Devry postponed again. New date yet unknown due to Devry staff's confusion. Matrix demo at CSUS still on for sure! Join us at Joe Serna Plaza at 7:15pm on Thursday October 9th. Demo at 7:15, followed by the movie showing at 7:30.
Demo Team practice after regular workouts on this coming Thursday night.

9/25/03 -     We've been invited to demo at next month's Matrix Reloaded showing on campus!
Date: Oct. 9, 2003
Time: 7:15pm, right before the movie
Place: Joe Serna Plaza, outside the Union.
Demo team get ready!

9/24/03 -     Club trip announcement: Wushu Master Jinheng Li from the world-reknowned Beijing Wushu Team is coming to California and is scheduled to demo at a martial arts studio in Napa. Let's arrange carpools ASAP.
Date: Oct. 3 and 4 (Fri and Sat)
Time: TBA
Place: Guangxi School of Martial Arts in Napa

9/19/03 -     The demo at Devry University has been resheduled. New date: Oct. 15th. More details to come.
Demo Team meeting at 8pm Thursday after our weekly workout.

9/18/03 -     We had a great first Wushu workout of the semester. Thank you all for coming.
Join us tomorrow for Tai Chi with Master Luong in YSM 183 at 1pm!

Confirmed schedule for this semester:
Thursdays at 6:30pm in YSM 183
Fridays at 1pm in YSM 183

9/13/03 -     This website's Events section, Workouts section, and Officers section updated.

9/12/03 -     Our first meeting of the semester went well. Thanks to all who attended. Details for the semester's first workout have been decided.

Date: Thursday, Sept. 18
Time: 7pm
Place: Meet in front of YSM 187

Dr. Olson is in the process of getting the room for us. Until that's done, we can train outside if needed.

Meeting in the Union

9/7/03 -     Welcome back!
Club Meeting this Friday!
Date: Sept. 12
Time: 2 pm
Place: The Union, at the coffee stand area next to the info desk.
Topic: Upcoming workouts, demos, and this semester's opening paperwork.
We need 8 enrolled CSUS student signatures on one club status form. The quicker we get this done, the better. Mike has the form so if you see him on campus, remember to sign the form so we can get a meeting room already. Just in case, Mike's email is

August, 2003 -     Representing the Martial Arts Club, Club Founder Mike Chen and Club Member James Banh performed at Tokyo's Harumi Convention Center. Martial Arts Club Website hits from Japan exceed domestic hits of the last two years combined.

July, 2003 -     Club Founder Mike Chen meets with former Korean National Wushu Champion and informs him of the Martial Arts Club.

July, 2003 -     Club Founder Mike Chen performed Wushu at the first United Nations University/UNESCO Global Seminar in Korea. The Martial Arts Club Website gains many hits.

June, 2003 -     Club members Mimi Gomez and James Aguilar engage in Tai-Chi training under world-reknown Wushu/Tai-Chi Master Zhang Hong Mei, a former Beijing Wushu Team member and former National Champion in China for swordsmanship and Bagua.

June, 2003 -     By invitation, Club Founder Mike Chen performed Wushu at Nakada Junior High School in Sendai, Japan.

May, 2003 -     Representing the Martial Arts Club, Club Founder Mike Chen performed at Yokohama National University's Annual 'SeiRyoSai' Festival, becoming the first Junior Year Overseas exchange student to perform on YNU's main stage. YNU staff invited Mike back for another performance at the Annual 3-day 'DaiGakkusai' in November.

April, 2003 -     James Aguilar (former Martial Arts Club Vice President) and Mimi Gomez (former club member) got engaged! Congratulations!!!

March, 2003 -     Club Founder Mike Chen met with China's TV Action Star Lily (Zhou) Li and informs her of the Martial Arts Club.

March, 2003 -     Club Founder Mike Chen performed Wushu at Hwa-Dong Normal University in Shanghai, China.

March, 2003 -     In Beijing, China, Club Founder Mike Chen met with 2-time Wushu World Champion, Liu Qing Hua, and discussed (among other things), the progress of particular Martial Arts Club members in the field of Wushu (James Aguilar, Steve Favis, and Mimi Gomez).

February, 2003 -     Club Member Steve Favis trained at Beijing Foreign Studies University in China under former Wushu World Champion, Jiang Bong Jun.

January, 2003 -     Club Founder Mike Chen performed alongside Japan's National Wushu champion, Akiko Kawasaki and former United States Champion, Mark Musashi at a seminar in Tokyo's Koiwa District, Japan.

9/25/02 -     New Officers!
Head Rep (Club President): Scott Kugler
2nd Rep: Norman San Juan
3rd Rep: Matthew

9/24/02 -     Club Founder Mike Chen is heading off to Japan next Tuesday and will be back next October. He'll be studying IB at YNU, as well as Wushu with Master Li Xia (former Beijing Wushu Team member). Wish him luck in his studies.

9/14/02 -     Former demo team member Jenny (Chia-Chi) Yi got married today! Congratulations Jenny!

9/12/02 -     Time to elect new officers! Our advisor, Dr. Olson, is offering 1 to 3 CSUS class credits for Martial Arts Club officers and instructors! If interested, be sure to drop by next Wednesday, Sept. 18th at 6:30pm in the Union's Foothill Suite.

9/10/02 -     Club workouts will officially begin next Wednesday, Sept. 18th at 6:30pm in the Un (---entry truncated due to technical malfunction---)

9/12/01 -     Awesome first workout of the semester today, everyone. Confirmed schedule
is now up! Check it out in the "Workouts" section.

Also, officer inauguration took place today as scheduled. Our officers for the Fall 2001 Semester are:

Ying Moua: President
James Aguilar: Vice President
Ying Teurn: Club Rep
Scott: Club Rep 2

9/5/01 -     Our demo for Plagleblast has been scheduled for 12 Noon tomorrow in the
Union lobby, right in front of the Union Ballroom. We will also have a booth set up, where
the new Martial Arts Club T-Shirts will be on sale for the first time. So drop by, say Hi, and
enjoy the show!

9/3/01 -     Our first demo this semester has been planned for this Thursday, September 6th
at the Plagleblast event in the Union, between 1 - 3pm. Exact times are being negotiated to
fit performers' schedules. For more information, contact James at:

The first workout session for Wushu has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 12,
at 7 - 8pm, and Wing Chun from 8 - 9pm, both in the Delta Suite. Taekwondo and Kempo
will also be on Wednesdays, and Tai Chi on Fridays. Exact times TBA.

8/30/01 -     Officer voting results from the end of last semester are:

Ying Moua for President
James Aguilar for VP

Additional positions are always open to dedicated veteran club members, so if you've
been with us for at least one semester, get involved! Send an Email to
Or stand up for a friend and nominate!

Tentative date/time for officer inauguration is Wednesday, September 12th, at 7pm
(right before workout starts)

8/29/01 -     Welcome back! Our first Demo this semester will be part of the annual Phlagleblast
event in the Union lobby, on September 6th. Exact time TBA. Workouts/meetings begin on
Wednesday, September 12th. Styles confirmed so far:

Wushu: Wednesday, 7 - 8pm
Wing Chun (NEW!): Wednesday, 8 - 9pm
Kempo: Wednesday, Time TBA

Please stay tuned as more details are comming in quickly.

8/28/01 -     Check out what fans and press are saying about our Fushigi Yuugi performance in Long Beach:

"Your team was the best performers on the stage."
-Sayako Kaga, Japanese model and cosplayer

"Awsome, funny, cool.. These guys ARE Fushigi Yugi live.."

"Impressive Fushigi Yuugi fighting groups."
-Jasper Cosplay Closet (

"The AWESOME Fushigi Yuugi Cosplayers from the Masq... They did a great job with it! I'm glad they won a prize."
-Webmaster, Suzaku Seishi's webpage (

"Hilarious Fushigi Yuugi skit."
-EX, the Online World of Anime and Manga (

"Jaw-dropping martial arts action."
-Fans View webpage (

8/24/01 -     More of our AX pics have been found online. We completely dominate the
AX Sunday section of LNN with our Samurai Showdown costumes!

7/11/01 -     Awesome job at AX! Our Fushigi Yuugi team won the crowd of 3000 at the
10th Annual Anime Expo in Long Beach, with loads of humor and martial arts action,
bringing home several awards:

Industry Award, Kinokuniya Book Store
Industry Award, Anime Pavilion
Most Memorable Performance, AX newsletter

Our new Cosplay Section will be up soon. In the meantime, check out some of our pics at: (our skit!) (bottom 2 pics) (top 4 pics)

6/7/01 -     Attention AX skit performers: This week's rehearsal is on Sunday, 6/10/01 at 2pm.
We will rehearse mostly Skit 2 (by Tu's group) and time again it for the 2 minute limit.
Please contact Mike or Ying for more info or if you can't make it.

5/18/01 -     The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon demo was awesome! Great job!
Definitely one of our best yet. Thank you all for taking time out of this busy last week
of class to make it to the event.

"Thank you so very much for the martial arts demonstration at last night's screening
of Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon. It was excellent!" -Dean Sorensen, Program Advisor, UNIQUE Programs

5/17/01 -     Club VP Ying Moua turns 20 today! Happy Birthday, Ying! Ying would
like to thank everyone for the heartwarming birthday surprise. Awesome group effort, guys!

"My best birthday ever!" -Ying Moua

5/15/01 -     The last rehearsal for the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Demo is on
Wednesday at 7pm, in the Student Board Chambers Room. Please attend if you're
interested in performing. For more information contact Ying at 541-7682.

Also, this week is the last week this semester for on-campus workouts!
For info about club events in the summer and next semester, bookmark this webpage: for the lastest news updates.

5/10/01 -     It's time for new officer nominations for Fall Semester!
So far our nominees are:

Ying Moua for President
James Aguilar for Vice President

It's not too late to nominate fellow members for officer positions!
Please speak up, as many of us have done so, at any upcoming club event.

5/2/01 -     Lots of good news today! The Ropes Course activity is Wednesday, May 9,
from 1 to 4 pm! FREE for members, $20 for guests. Reservations have to be made
ahead of time. Email or contact Ying at to
confirm if you're going.

ATTENTION DEMO TEAM: For your awesome efforts at the River City Days
demo, A dinner in your honor is being held on Saturday, May 12th, at 4 pm. Location:
Ming Garden Restaurant on Freeport Blvd. Let's celebrate!

Club VP Ying's birthday is on May 17th, the exact day of our Crouching
Tiger, Hidden Dragon demo! Celebration to take place after the demo.

Club President Andy White and Spokesperson Tu Do are moving to the Bay Area after
this semester! Join us for the big going-away party at Tu's place on Friday, May 18th.
Mark your caldendars!

Again, remember May 9th, May 12th, May 17th, and May 18th!

5/1/01 -     The Ropes Course activity is coming up! Peak Adventures' open dates
are this Friday, May 4, and Wednesday, May 9. It will be from 1 to 4 pm. Cast
your vote at the next workout for your preferred Ropes Course day, or email your
choice to

4/28/01 -     Results from the Silver State Karate Championship in Reno are in.
Congratulations to Mike Chen, who won 1st place advanced kata, 3rd place open kata,
1st place advanced weapons kata, and Tournament Grand Champion (which is a trophy
about five feet tall!) Good job!

4/27/01 -     Awesome job at River City Days! It was definitely one of our biggest
and most exhilerating demos ever! The Taekwondo Section's flying board breaks,
Capoeira's exciting rhythmic acrobatics, Wushu's new team forms, Kempo's Pinan
Shodan, Tai Chi's graceful presentation, and the massive Soul Edge weapons fight
at the end made an absolutely amazing presentation. Everyone kicked ass together
and put on an awesome show.

"The kids loved it." -Gabo Ly

4/24/01 -     Don't forget, River City Days is this Friday. We're demoing at 12 Noon.
Come by and enjoy the show! Rehearsal is this Wednesday at 7pm in the Union's
Board Chambers Room. If interested in performing, contact Ying at

4/23/01 -     Club Member Jenny Yi won the Gold at last Saturday's Wushu Tournament
in Berkeley, in the beginners Tai Chi division! Congratulations, Jenny!
Veteran Club Member Baldwin Chiu also placed, in the Push Hands division.

4/19/01 -     The Martial Arts Club's Taekwondo class is back! Join Instructors Tu Do and
Steve Jiral every Thursday for high-kicking action. Details in the "Workouts" section.

4/17/01 -     This semester's Martial Arts Leisure Lab was another huge success! Throughout
the day, attendance exceeded 150! Special thanks to instructors Andy, Tu, Scott, and Mike
who were there all day to teach 6 to 9 classes each! Pictures are being developed and will
be posted shortly. In the mean time, check out the "Gallery" section for pics from last semester.
Also visit the RLS 100 site:

4/6/01 -     FanimeCon 2001 last weekend was a blast! Club Members Ying Moua, Ying
Teurn, Mike Chen, and Arthur Hong performed "Street Fighter VS Fushigi Yuuji's Tamahome",
and were awarded the Technical Superiority Award by Fanime and Bandai Entertainment!
Congratualtions, guys! Pictures from the event are up in the "Gallery" section. Check them out!

4/4/01 -     The preliminary "Gallery" section is up! Check it out!

3/6/01 -     Join the new Capoeira class with instructor Patrick Hilligan!
Check out the times and days in our "Workouts" Section!

Club contact:

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