The friendships you make in Phi Sig last a lifetime!  There are always experiences
and memories to make as a sister- parties, shopping, going out for a night
on the town, or just going out to lunch! - there is always something to do!!!

Each semester Phi Sig looks forward to bringing new sisters into our chapter.  
From Recruitment to Bid Day, Phi Sig loves to promote our sisterhood!!

Although Phi Sigs always "Aim High" scholastically, we surely know how to party! 
Each semester we get dressed up for mixers such as Doctors and Nurses, Cops and Robbers,
Luau, School Days, and many, many more!!!! 

Every Spring we look forward to competing in Greek Week, especially Greek Sing!  It gives us an
opportunity to  show Sac State just what Phi Sig is made of.  We also participate in other greek
philanthropy events which benefit charities around the nation.

What could be more fun than getting all dressed up with your sisters and dance the night away? 
Every Fall we celebrate our Founder's Day with a semi-formal dance and every Spring we have
Sapphire Ball, where we give out chapter awards.