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Every year, our association hosts numerous events. We hold events such as fundraisers, community service oppurtunites, and dental workshops.

Annual Pre Dental Association Gala Event

Each spring, our Pre-Dental Association holds the Annual Gala Event. Several vendors, wineries and breweries come to serve their products during an festive, fun-filled night.

For more information, go to the Gala page.

Annual SoCal Trip

Every year, the Association goes on a trip to visit all the dental schools in southern California: Western University, UCLA, Loma Linda, and USC. We spend time learning about each individual school by meeting with the Admissions committee and several current dental students to gain different perspectives of the schools. It provides us with an opportunity to network with those that understand the process of applying to dental school.

Project Backpack

To accomplish our mission and vision, this association has developed a program named Project Backpack. We fundraise annually to purchase backpacks and fill them with dental and school supplies which we donate to underprivileged children in Sacramento and around the world. Our vision will carry this program over into a state wide beneficiary program in the years to come to help the children across many communities. We want to help these children to better their educational opportunity and maintain oral health care that will keep them smiling for many years to come.

Pearly Whites

Every year, we put together a curriculum and travel to schools in the Sacramento area that have high levels of socioeconomically disadvantaged students to educate children about oral hygiene, how to brush, how to floss etc.

Smiles for Kids

The Smiles for Kids (SFK) Dental and Orthodontic Program is dedicated to treatment for the underprivileged children in our community. Since 1991, over $6.7 million of much needed dental care has been provided to nearly 10,000 kids, in both general dental clinics as well as an orthodontic program. Over 60 Sacramento District Dental Society Orthodontists treat at least one child per year in their private practice offices through the SFK Orthodontic Program. More than 400 volunteers, including general dentists, specialists and staff members donate their time and materials for these one-day clinics.

Members of the Sac State Pre-Dental Association volunteer their time to reach out to the children and teach them about proper oral hygiene, as well as donating backpacks left over from Project Backpack.

More information can be found here.

Bio 195D

Bio 195D is a specially designed internship program created to benefit the members of our Association with an opportunity to shadow in an actual dental office for elective credits for Biology majors. The amount of unit credits is based on the total number of unpaid internship hours: 40 hours earns 1 unit, while 80 hours earns 2 units. It requires the approval of the SDDS, the campus faculty advisor of our Association, as well as the current President/CEO of the Association. The student is required to keep track of the hours using a log, complete weekly journal entries, as well as participate in a community service project while undergoing the internship process throughout the semester.