Board of Director Candidates for 2019-2020 (and 2021)

Update! At the annual meeting (and Spring Luncheon) on May 6, those present unanimously approved the slate listed below. These officers' terms take effect on July 1. At that time, the Board of Directors page will be updated.

The Renaissance Nominating Committee, following the Bylaws of the Renaissance Society, is pleased to present the following slate of eligible candidates for the 2019-2020 Board of Directors.

The election will be held on Monday, May 6, during the Renaissance Spring Luncheon and Scholarship Awards Presentation at the DoubleTree Inn, 2001 Point West Way.

Additional nominations for any of these positions may be taken from the floor before the vote is called. If there are no additional nominations to the Nominating Committee's slate of candidates, voting will be conducted by a show of hands. If there are additional nominations from the floor, then the voting will be conducted by casting a ballot. (Ballots will be provided at the election.)

Officers (one-year term) July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020

David Ableson

President: David Abelson

The Renaissance Society is a great learning organization that has grown rapidly to over 2,400 members today. This past year, we offered more than 150 seminars at various locations throughout the Sacramento regions. This dynamic organization requires constant commitment from those in leadership positions. I have served on the Board of Directors for four years, and as Vice President for two years. I have led several seminars and presented off-campus talks as well.

I am seeking your support to serve as President of the Society. My skills include working with large, diverse groups; thinking and speaking clearly about challenging issues; and providing leadership and direction when needed. As President I will ensure that the Renaissance Society remains a vital and outstanding organization.

Jo Ann Yee

Vice President: Jo Ann Yee

Since its inception in 1986, the Renaissance Society has grown from a small group of founders to more than 2,400 members. I have been involved in the RS's long-range planning process almost from the beginning. I served on the Long-Term Planning Committee that developed the RS Strategic Plan and the Ad Hoc Committee on Governance, serving currently as the Chair.

Since the adoption of the Strategic Plan, the RS is already changing, shifting from being a network of committed volunteers to functioning more like a formal nonprofit organization. The purpose of these planning efforts is to ensure the long-term growth and sustainability of this valuable peer-to-peer learning program. I've been involved in this process from the beginning and I believe I can help steer RS through the next critical steps.

Jack Jenkins

Controller: Jack Jennings

Last year I volunteered for the Controller position because I was interested in the financial planning and management of the organization. After learning the procedures for working with University Enterprises Inc. (UEI), processing check requests, and reviewing the RS financial reports, I implemented a plan for a budget for the coming fiscal year 2018-2019. I began by forming a Finance Committee to analyze our past performance.

Seeking input from Committees as to their spending, I realized they had never been involved in the budgeting process. The Finance Committee and I helped present a workshop for the Board explaining how our finances were handled. I clarified our need for an increase in dues in 2018-2019. Based on past experiences and anticipated need, the Budget Committee and I are planning the 2019-2020 budget. I believe that my experience as Controller is needed to ensure continuity of the budget process and to assure membership that our finances are in order.

Ivy Bob Benedetti

Secretary: Bob Benedetti

I have led or co-led three seminars in Renaissance as well as attended three others as a par- ticipant. This year I served as Secretary of the Society. I am seeking an additional term to continue work with the Board and its committees on institutionalizing the Society's practices and strengthening the relationship between the Society and CSUS. I have learned much about the Society's culture that would guide me today and in the future. I believe the Society has opportunities to increase its impact through programs at area institutions including libraries and retirement communities. Equally, I believe that seminars are at the heart of the organization's mission, and the current high standards should be maintained while the number and diversity of offerings grow.

Members-At-Large (Two-year term) July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2021

Karen Martin

Karen Martin

Since joining Renaissance seven years ago, I have enjoyed a range of activities, from attending seminars and Forums, to leading a seminar. Getting involved with leadership is a way to enrich my connections with this great learning community.

I was an elementary teacher for 30 years and an instructional coach for 10, designing and delivering meaningful learning for students and teachers. Membership on our school site leadership team afforded me training and experience in effective decision-making strategies that ensure all voices are heard. I look forward to bringing those career experiences, as well as my enthusiasm and reflective attitude to the work of leadership as Renaissance evolves.

Here is a YouTube video of Karen.

Jeffrey Rebin

Jeffrey Rubin

I have served as the volunteer President of the Friends of the Sacramento Public Library nonprofit organization. I participated as a member in the Membership, Diversity and Community Engagement Committee to develop a PowerPoint presentation to inform the community about the many benefits of Renaissance membership. I assisted in bringing Renaissance seminars into the community through a pilot partnership with the Sacramento library system.

As a Member-at-Large, I will bring my organizational, leadership and communication skills to spread the value and visibility of Renaissance through my interest in community engagement, especially through partnerships with diverse civic and service entities.

Here is a YouTube video of Jeffrey.

Norv Wellsfry

Norv Wellsfry

Throughout my career, I have been effective in helping organizations identify and implement projects to accomplish their mission. I look forward to contributing my energy, perspective and experience to Renaissance.

I have been a board member and officer in several community and professional organizations. I understand the skills and attitudes needed to make an organization like Renaissance strong and relevant to its members. During my two years as a member of Renaissance, I have made a seminar presentation, developed and led a seminar on the Middle East, and am serving as a member of the Seminar Committee. I also volunteer with several community organizations.

Here is a YouTube video of Norv.