December Party
Photo by Jeff Hendy


Seminars aren't the only thing we do in Renaissance. There are also Social Events, Scholarships, Volunteer opportunities and many CSUS Events.

The leading Social Events are the twice-annual luncheons or receptions. These are presented in December and May and feature a lunch or brunch at a local restaurant or a party with appetizers on campus with socializing and entertainment.

Renaissance members are proud of the Scholarships we give each year to CSUS students. This year Renaissance presented seven $3,000 scholarships to students in any field of study that can be related to the intellectual, social and health pursuits of retirement-age people.

Members can volunteer on campus, giving back to CSUS in three different programs that help various departments and their students.

Being part of the CSUS community also provides members with great opportunities to enjoy the CSUS Events. The college presents many theater shows, music concerts and lectures. Members also help the college by ushering for the theater.