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MLK Expo
Photo by Ruth-Marie Chambers

Renaissance Presence at Diversity Expo

By Ruth-Marie Frances Chambers
Committee Member

The Renaissance Society's Membership, Diversity and Community Engagement Committee's presence was exuberantly and informatively experienced by a diversity of exposition participants who attended the The Walk With Me "March for the Dream" Diversity Exposition at the Sacramento Community Center on Jan. 15, 2018.

Community sponsors with a presence at the event included the Crocker Art Museum, University of the Pacific, Los Rios Community College, California Museum, Sacramento County, Tuskegee Airmen, CALSTRS, California State University, among other organizations that are committed to life-long learning and educational enhancement.

Moreover, The Renaissance Membership, Diversity and Community Engagement Committee made a professional acquaintance with Ron Rohovit, Ed.D. Unity Programs Director for the California Museum, at the Exposition. Dr. Rohvoit is scheduled to speak to Renaissance Society Forum on Feb. 16. The Community Engagement and Diversity Committee continues to extend its presence to make a contribution within our community.

CSUS Library Card Change

As a Renaissance Society member, you have the wonderful opportunity to purchase a library card for the Sac State Library. We have changed the procedure to align with our RS online registration system and permanent member number. The library staff at the help desk has a list of all current RS members and their member numbers.

The cost of the library card is $10 for the school year (July 1 through June 30). This is a lot lower than the $55 Sac State students have to pay, but is an increase from the $5 we formerly paid.

Those who sign up for membership online will be able to add the $10 Library Card fee to their credit-card along with the membership. The library desk will be sent your name and you can pick up your card there.

If you go to the Library, the $10 library fee must be paid by payment card. Payment card machines are scattered around the campus, including in the library. Just put money in the machine and you will get a payment card, which can also be used to make copies and do other things.

To obtain a library card, you just need the payment card and your ID, such as your driver's license, then the help desk will issue your library card.

Documentary DVDs Now Available for Checkout at Office

Since 2011, the Fall Documentary seminar participants have been contributing to the expense of purchasing and presenting the most current documentary films available. The same approach has been successful in the Ken Burns seminars the past three years and in the Cosmos seminar.

These DVDs have been saved and now are indexed and located in two boxes in the southwest corner of the Renaissance Society office. They may be checked out for a week during regular office hours (see office info on About page) by any Renaissance Society member. This is the list. For more information, please contact Allan Keown.

For all events, check out the Calendar.

Board Approves Plan for the Future

At its January 2016 meeting, the Renaissance Society Board of Directors adopted a new strategic plan, setting a vision and goals for the organization for the next five years.

Strategic Plan 2015-2020 is the result of 18 months of research, member input and analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing us in the near future as the Renaissance Society membership continues to grow. The Strategic Plan features six goals focused on enhancing our relationship with CSUS, engaging our membership in more activities, maintaining high quality, innovative learning opportunities and assuring a sound and sustainable organization.

You can read the plan by clicking on the link above. If you have questions or would like to serve on the Long Range Planning Committee to help implement the plan, contact Nancy Findeisen, who chairs the Long Range Planning Committee.