A typical Rendezvous
A Typical Rendezvous
Photos by Carolyn Mack
A typical Rendezvous

A Guide to The Rendezvous

If you are new to Renaissance, you're probably wondering how to find out more about what goes on. You also need to know how to sign up for seminars. And what is that Rendezvous thing anyway?

Well, twice a year, one or two Fridays before the start of the semester, Renaissance has two events in the same day (see the Calendar). The first is the Introduction to Renaissance, in the morning, aimed at new or prospective members. The second, in the afternoon, is the Rendezvous, for all members, new and returning. Both usually take place in the University Union.

First, The Introduction

During the Introduction to Renaissance, you will learn all you need to know about how it works. Members from the various committees explain the many choices you have in seminars and other activities. They also outline how to learn more about Renaissance through the monthly Recorder newsletter and this Website. Campus tours are also offered, showing you the main sites for the seminars and the Forum, as well as the Library and eating places.

The Rendezvous

The Rendezvous is the place to find out details about the seminars, both those on Fridays and Saturdays at CSUS and those off-campus on different days and locations. The leaders for all seminars will be present and you can ask questions about their topics and what they expect from participants.

You can also sign up for seminars at the Rendezvous. However, you do not have to wait for the Rendezvous to sign up! Once you are a member and receive your catalog or view the seminar listings on this Website (usually a couple of weeks before the Rendezvous), you can sign up online (see the link on the Seminars page) or call or email the leader to sign up.