Seminar leaders getting trained
for their semester tasks.
Photos by Elaine Moody

Seminar Leaders

If seminars are at the heart of the Renaissance Society, the members who lead the seminars keep it beating and alive. Seminar Leaders do the crucial work of preparing and then offering seminars each semester. All it takes to be a leader is an interest in a subject or topic and a willingness to share that interest with other members.

If you are a seminar leader or are thinking of becoming one, this page contains links to important information and resources that will aid you in offering a seminar.

In the Seminar Leaders' Handbook, you will find the information you need to know to be a leader. It contains detailed information on how to plan a seminar, enroll members in it and conduct it from the first day until the end of the semester. The step-by-step guide provides useful tips and how tos in addition to the resources available to leaders.

You will find the important dates on the Seminar Leaders' Calendar, including when seminar descriptions are due for the Activities Catalog, when the Leaders' Workshop and Rendezvous occur, and when semesters begin and end.

You will find information about classrooms at the classroom link on the CSUS website. This lists classroom numbers in each building and the number of desks and the audio/visual equipment available in each. Each room's listing has instructions and an instructional video on how to use equipment in the various classrooms. Also, check out our Tech Help page for more valuable tips.

Another resource very important to leaders is the CSUS Helpdesk. Firstly, however, it is VERY important that you attend the Technical Training class held each semester on the same day as Rendezvous if you have ANY intention of using the classroom equipment during the semester. The class is run by a Helpdesk leader and even if you are a seasoned presenter you'll be sure to learn something, including changes made to the classroom technology.

If you do run into difficulties in class, the CSUS Helpdesk is only a phone call away—use the phone in the classroom and call 8-7337, or on your mobile (916) 278-7337.

Also, be sure to find time to test the equipment before your class begins.

There are plenty of resources out there to get your creative and organizational juices flowing and provide some inspiration and ideas:

These are some of the forms you might need during your semester:

The Seminar Committee chair and co-chairs are always available to answer any questions you have about leading a seminar. They are listed in the Seminar Leaders' Handbook. If you have any questions or suggestions, do call or email (see the Membership Directory for contact information or call the Office at 278-7834 if you do not have a Directory.