Travel and Adventure

Two, Count 'Em, Two T&As This Semester!

For the first time, travel enthusiasts will have TWO choices for learning about the peripatetic adventures of others! The traditional morning class will continue and there will also be an afternoon class. Both will be drop-ins; no registration is required. Be aware that the rooms might fill up and get there early. The morning class is just below. Jump to the afternoon class.


Travel and Adventure: Morning Has Broken (P)

Friday, 10 to 11:30 a.m.,

Richard Fuller, Terry Moss, Tom Dole

New classroom this semester. Join us for exciting stories and photos from Haiti, combat-era South Vietnam, hiking in England and the Sierra, the Swiss Oberland, Baltic country capitals, Mr. Aconcagua in Argentina, Antarctica, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, bats in Brazil, Dalmatian Coast and retirement living in San Miguel, Mexico.

Feb. 1: Richard Fuller
Volunteering can involve BOTH Travel and Adventure, whether it be to digging a water well for 150 indigent souls in Haiti, or trekking to 11,000 feet in the Sierras to help an old pal or serving the military at Memorial Day or Stand-Down, or more indigents for the California Care Force, or serving with Sacramento's finest as they raise money for the indigent, and more.
Feb. 8: Fred Chapman
Wandering the beautiful vineyards of the Andes foothills, in Mendoza, Argentina, was the easy part of Fred's travels, but then he went UP-hill on the trek up Mt. Aconcagua, at over 22,835 feet the highest mountain in South America, where he could see the Southern Cross like Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.
Feb. 15: Don Miller
Don recounts the days in 1970-71 when he he went through Helicopter Armament Training during Basic Army Training in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, then into Vietnam WAR at Chu Lai in South Vietnam, then Duc Pho, then a dangerous convoy from Chu Lai to Duc Pho on infamous Highway 1.
Feb. 22: Frances Brandon
"My Journey to Antarctica and Back," beginning in Buenos Aires, Argentina, then south to Ushuaia, southernmost city in the WORLD (Fin del Mundo), out to the Falkland Islands, then into South Georgia, and finally across the infamous Drake's Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula.
March 1: Bob Seyfried
Renaissance Society Musical Tour: Footsteps of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. During September 2017, a group of Renaissance Society members, led by Bob Seyfried, traveled by private motor coach from Munich, Germany, to Vienna, Austria, to visit locations where Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven lived and worked, to enjoy the culture and history of these truly magnificent cities, as well as cultural and historical sites. Included were musical events and lectures and tours, with CSUS Professor Leo Eylar as a guest lecturer the entire trip.
March 8: Professor Dennis Fox, Sierra College
Walked on the Wild Side: 200 Miles on the John Muir Trail. Professor Fox is an inveterate long-distance hiker, and leads Sierra College field trips throughout the West. For this trip, he and two friends carefully planned their route, their campsites, their backpacks and sleeping bags, their food and other supplies, and then arranged with three "trail angels" for food resupply meetings along the route, including donuts. One hiker dropped out, and there were other exciting adventures along the way, as they hiked 20-plus days through the beautiful Sierra Nevada.
March 15: Bob Hare
Following John Muir into Wild Yosemite. Bob Hare presents a beautifully photographed 10-day backpacking trip, re-photographing 70 of Muir's sketches where he drew them in the 1800s. Along the way, Bob began experiencing the wilderness as Muir prescribed for modern people: "Come to the Mountains to get their good tidings." Bob describes the delights and dangers of solo backpacking in Wild Yosemite
March 22:
No Class. Spring Break.
March 29: Carla Young and Heidi Foster
Dalmatian Coast, Slovenia, and Athens. Four RenSoc buddies set sale in September 2018 on the 50-passenger Athena by Grand Circle, and visited Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia, with a touch of Italy. They dipped their toes in the Aegean, Ionic and Adriatic Seas. They began with a visit to Athens and ended driving through the spectacular Julian Alps and Dolomites.
April 5: JoEllen Arnold
BATS, some of our very best friends! Most people travel to see architecture, eat new foods and see exciting landscapes. JoEllen travels to see bats! Since 1986, she has been learning about 1,300 species of bats, filling nearly every ecological niche. She has photos, videos and sounds of bats from the USA, Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia!
April 12: Terry Moss
Baltic Sea Cruising and the History along its coasts. In August 2018, Terry and his wife joined their son and his girlfriend for a cruise to the Scandinavian capitols on the Baltic Sea. Highlights were many, including seeing explorer Thor Heyerdahl's two rafts (Kon Tiki and Ra-2), getting lost in Tallinn, Estonia, and drinking German bier in a brewery established in 1492. Rumor has it that Cristoforo Colombo used to visit!
April 19: Ed Sherman
A Vagabond's Tales in the Mediterranean. By special request from members of Renaissance Society, Ed Sherman presents anecdotal tales of his vagabonding experiences at some fascinating locations around the Mediterranean. He subtitles it "a journey of intellectual and personal discovery; three years in the former Roman Empire seeking fun and enlightenment."
April 26: Gerry Camp
Living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Gerry, his wife and four kids visited San Miguel for three months in 1974 to study Spanish, but knew this would someday be home. They visited several times, hired an architect, built a home and lived there from 2006 to 2011. Gerry will talk about this World Heritage City, their home and life in the town they became part of.
May 3: Bob Martin
Traveling the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. Names like Interlachen, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, Wengen and the Eiger evoke images of some of Switzerland's MOST spectacular scenery, with stunningly steep mountains, gorgeous green meadows and terrific tiny trains that burrow into the cliffs. They provided fabulous photo opportunities for Bob, who will share his memories with us.

Sixty miles from the Arctic Circle,
in Husavik, Iceland, in the shadow of erupting
volcanoes and towering glaciers,
collecting notes for an upcoming Travel and
Adventure seminar, is Richard Fuller.

Travel and Adventure: Afternoon Delight (P)

Friday, 1 to 2:30 p.m.,

Richard Fuller

There are so many MORE stories to share. Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian, China, expat life in Saudi Arabia, Tres Amigos in Panama, Easter Island and Victoria Falls, John Muir's spiritual Yosemite, photo safari in Tanzania, Friendship Force in the World and more. DNA search in Poland, drilling water wells in Central America and investigating Israel. All presentation by volunteers; we need more.

Feb. 1: Susan Brackenhoff
In March 1974, Chinese farmers digging a well unearthed the greatest archaeological find of the century, the buried Terracotta Army in Xian! After coming across a life-sized human head made of clay, archaeologists were called in to investigate. What they found was extraordinary. Thousands of life-like and full-sized terracotta figures from the Qin dynasty, fashioned 2,000 years ago to protect the First Emperor of China in his afterlife. The Forbidden City in Beijing is another Chinese wonder that will be covered briefly.
Feb. 8: Tom Dole and Saddique
Tom and friend were expats in Jeddah and Jubail, Saudi Arabia, in 1970s and 1980s. It was a tumultuous time for the Kingdom, after King Faisal was assassinated. Living conditions could be difficult, dress codes and living conditions were restricted, Western traditions limited and jobs were stressful. BUT travel opportunities were SPECTACULAR !
Feb. 15: Tres Amigos in Panama
Terry Moss and Dick Taylor and another Amigo will recount their trips on and around the EXTRA-ordinary Panama Canal, NOT on a towering cruise ship, but on speedboats seeking out money-filled islands and passing through canals, and getting henna tattoos, and how Teddy Roosevelt and the Army made it all happen in 1905-1914.
Feb. 22: Allen World Tour
With correspondents still ON their World Tour, viewing their beautiful blog photos, we will start out their presentations with the very unique Easter Islands, and then Victoria Falls, and then YOU can choose more sites! This promises to be among the most unique Travel and Adventure presentations EVER—something like Lowell Thomas in Tibet.
March 1: Rod Sorensen
Flight of the Puffin. Rod and his brother built their own airplane from a design by radical designer Burt Rutan. They flew from Sacramento to Sydney, Australia, and back, via many Pacific Islands. They always stayed a few days on each island to learn something of the community. Their outgoing stops included Hawaii, Tarawa, Micronesia and Longreach in Queensland. On the back back, they stopped in New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa and Christmas Island before returning home via Hawaii.
March 8: Donn Miller
Two Weeks Cruising in Alaska by RV. Donn and his wife Sue flew to Anchorage past the stunning mountains on the southern coast of Alaska, then rented an RV for a spectacular two weeks on the road. They drove straight north to Denali National Park, then cruised out INTO the park past the grizzlies, then farther north to Fairbanks for a Northern Lights show, then to the infamous port of Valdez, then to Palmer and then back to Anchorage.
March 15: Bob Hare
Baptized in Wild Yosemite. Bob Hare explores Yosemite's backcountry with his camera lens, capturing poetic images that match John Muir's eloquent journal writings in the late 1800s. Like Muir, Bob has explored Yosemite over four decades, and it has touched his soul. This presentation guides you through Yosemite's sublime beauty, from the inside out.
March 22:
No Class. Spring Break.
March 29: Chris and Julia Smith
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Chris and Julia spent 12 days exploring Jordan from one end to the other, a kingdom abutting Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East. It was a trip of contrasts, from five-star hotels to Bedouin camps, a picnic in a field to a gourmet restaurant in a former palace, laboring in an olive orchard to lazing in the Dead Sea. Come and learn a little more about why you should visit Jordan, a safe and friendly country with fascinating culture.
April 5: JoEllen Arnold
A Photographic Tour of Northern Tanzania. In early 2017, JoEllen joined a small group of photographers for a safari in Northern Tanzania. These were SERIOUS photographers, bent on capturing the best light and best action'but without impeding animals' quest for food. Their drivers and vehicles were primed for optimum results from each of their photographs.
April 12: Marty McKnew
A Friendship Force tour of the World. Marty will explain the concept of Friendship Force and present photos from among nations of the former Yugoslavia, the Brasilian Amazon, Indonesia's endless island chains and the two former Soviet Republics of Moldova and Romania. Vlad the Impaler, anyone ?
April 19: Bob Parker
Disaster can happen when you Travel and Adventure the world and Friday's speaker, Bob Parker, was in final stages of volunteering to drill a water well in Haiti, with Living Water International, when another Missionary got shot, the Chilean Ambassador's vehicle got shot, U.S. mercenaries landed at Port Au Prince Airport under cover of night, U.N. Peacekeepers left, riots broke out when gas prices were to rise 50 percent and the President threw out the Prime Minister. Get the latest from Reverend Bob.
April 26: Roger and Rella Remedios
Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Roger and Rella spent six days last December in Santiago, Chile, before flying onward to Arequipa, Peru, to acclimatize above 9,000 feet. Then, four days at Cuzco, the Inca Capital, at 11,000 feet. Then they hiked 35 miles along Camino Incas, reaching nearly 14,000 feet. Finally, they passed through the Sun Gate and entered extraordinary Machu Picchu.
May 3: Brady and Tony Torres
Where is Ecuador? This small country on the West Coast of South America aspires to be an eco-tourism power. Let's explore its spectacular geography, politics and expatriate community. Brady and Tony, her Ecuadorian husband of 41 years, travel there every four years, visiting family and friends and enjoying the lifestyle, and will share with us.