Founding Chapter

Sigma Omega Nu was established at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo on November 6, 1996 as the First Latina Interest Sorority ever to be established on the campus. Sigma Omega Nu grew directly out of the Little Sisters of Nu Alpha Kappa program. The eight young Latina women who decided to form Sigma Omega Nu felt a need for a strong Latina voice on their campus and they sought to create an organization that would fulfill their unmet needs. These eight young women were recognized as the Founding Mothers of the chapter
at Cal Poly.

Sigma Omega Nu Founding Mothers:

00 Lina Medina Funky
01 Nadia Quinonez Freaky Diva
02 Yesenia Hueramo Dazed
03 Nancy Ruiz Roxy
04 Landi Hueramo Speedy G
05 Christina De Sanchez Crystal
07 Sarai Sequeira Pooh Bear
08 Zulema Gonzalez Ojitos


Beta Chapter

In January 2000, five young Latina women at Sacramento State University were in search of bringing a sorority on campus that would fulfill their unmet needs and that is when they discovered Sigma Omega Nu. These five you women found Sigma Omega Nu a sorority, which promotes sisterhood, scholastic excellence, self-improvement, Latina awareness and community service. These women felt that this organization could help bring Latina women closer together while making their college lives more comfortable and enjoyable. Sigma Omega Nu strives to provide it’s members with moral, academic and family support.
The formation of the Beta Chapter was completed on July 22, 2000 when the five young Latina women crossed over and were recognized by Sigma Omega Nu as sisters and founders for the Beta Chapter at Sacramento State University.

Beta Chapter Founding Mothers:

01 Maria Rivas Pitufita
02 Sandra Zamora Estrellita
03 Lucia Zamora Morenita
04 Erica Zamora Pucheros
05 Patricia Salas Wildthing