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FOCUS ON: 65th Street Smart Growth (Manuscript)

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The Upper Eastside Lofts on 65th Street is Sacramento State’s student housing complex. Students began moving into the near-campus community in August 2007. The project—part of a campus effort to expand housing options—is one of three projects underway, including a new on-campus residence hall and a University Housing Village for faculty and staff, about a mile off campus.

(Narrator:) From the campus of Sacramento State this is Focus.

(Sacramento State Students:) “We’re moving in!”

(Jim Finnerty, reporting:) For these students at Sacramento State, a new school year means a new place to live. And this year, not only are there traditional residence halls, but there are new options as well.

(Amy Allen, Sacramento State student:) “It’s a lot about transportation. Just getting around, things need to be close to you.”

(Finnerty:) Incoming freshman Amy Allen is one of 440 students moving into the university’s new housing community called the “Upper Eastside Lofts.”

(Allen:) “As far as for a student this just works out so much better.”

(Finnerty:) The loft style apartments at 65th and Folsom are part of a growing trend: “Smart Growth” student housing.

(Matthew Altier, University Enterprises:) “Make people leave their car at home, walk to business, walk to school. Use light rail and public transportation and this affords the opportunity to do all of those.”

(Finnerty:) The lofts allow students to walk or bike to campus – meeting a university and community shared goal of cutting down on congestion and vehicle pollution.

(Altier:) “The concept of turning this into a pedestrian friendly university town.”

(Finnerty:) Jennifer Sanchez and her parents decided on the lofts after visiting last spring.

(Jennifer Sanchez, Sacramento State student:) “They liked it. It’s right off campus. That was a good thing. They were concerned about safety like living on my own and you know it’s like a gated community which is really nice.”

(Finnerty:) This project is one of several to expand student, faculty and staff housing on campus. And the “new” approach fits right in with the plans of freshman Sarah Horn.

(Sarah Horn, Sacramento State student:) “Coming to a new place. There are new things to experience. New places to go. New people to meet and you never know what you might find around any corner.”

(Finnerty:) This is Jim Finnerty Reporting.

(Narrator:) For more information on this and other news from Sacramento State visit our website.

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