Jobs for Students

Study Philosophy

The Philosophy Department has several openings for Instructional Student Assistants in the fall semester. Duties may include, though are not limited to, assisting with classroom management, creating quiz questions and assignments, minimal grading, student peer mentoring and support, tutoring, preparing course materials for student use, etc. Courses may be upper or lower division, face-to-face, hybrid or fully online.

Candidates should be Philosophy majors or minors, or have taken at least 12u of Philosophy (preferably completing PHIL 60/61, 127/128, and the course for which hired) and have at least a B+ (3.2) GPA in PHIL courses. Candidates should have flexible schedules which allow for at least 3 hours per week to dedicate to this position, with the possibility that this might include specific times and days during the week. Other university conditions must be met to qualify for ISA.

Hourly pay: $15/hr; number of hours/week will vary with the position, but will fall in the range of 10-20 hrs/semester. Download the application at this link. Submit application to Positions open until filled.