Sacramento State Philosophy Club


So why are you interested in philosophy? Perhaps you debated the nature of reality with your fifth grade teacher? As a teenager, did you argue with your pastor over the existence of God, in front of the entire congregation? Or are you a pastor, faced with such an obstinate teen? Are you a computer science type, struggling with the reality inside the computer, versus the reality outside of it? Or are you an English major who harbors the sneaking suspicion that it would be nice to really have something to write about? Have you tried to discuss the nature of time with your spouse, only to have that person accuse you of being just plain dumb for thinking about nonsense such as that, and "in that way?" Did you then think your spouse "just a little odd" for NOT thinking about it that way? Are you looking for the answers to your questions, but perhaps having difficulty forming those questions? Are you a math major, who wishes math were just a bit more logical? Do you have the feeling that maybe you should major in something more practical, but can't find anything else which seems quite as important to you as philosophy is? Do you harbor a secret desire to (shudder) pursue graduate work in philosophy?

The Philosophy Club of CSUS is just the place for you! Meetings are held several times each semester, either on campus, or at the home of a professor or of a "friend of philosophy." Often, students, members of our own or other university faculties, or members of the community at large provide a presentation concerning their current work, or a topic of interest to themselves and others. Past topics have included animal rights, ethics in politics, Sartre's existentialism, the nature of love, the definition of miracles, the existence of God, writing, and graduate schools. Discussions are informal -- everyone has an opportunity to speak after the presentations, and the conversation often goes in interesting new directions.

This is a great way to pursue your philosophical interests, to meet other philosophy students, and to meet faculty members and others from the philosophy community as well. Perhaps we can help you give form to all those questions you have. Or even better, maybe you can help the rest of us form our own. That is, not only might you benefit from involvement with the club -- the club would profit as well. If you've a particular subject you'd like to see discussed, let us know. Your participation is encouraged!

If you're curious, then please send us an email at: We'll put you on our mailing list and let you know about upcoming meetings and events.