Student Essay Competitions

The Department of Philosophy currently hosts two student essay competitions annually: (1) The
Nammour Student Essay Competition and (2) The Weddle Award. Both are named in memory
of emeritus members of our department, Jamil Nammour (1937-1986) and Perry Weddle
respectively (1939-2006).

The Nammour Student Essay Competition

The Nammour Student Essay Competition occurs in connection with the Department’s
Nammour Symposium, which normally occurs sometime in April. The conditions for entering
and winning this competition change from year to year. This is a link to the flyer describing the
upcoming or most recent Nammour Competition.

The Weddle Award

The Weddle Award is presented to the student who writes the best analytical essay for a
philosophy course taught at Sacramento State during any given calendar year. These essays
are submitted by the instructor with the permission of the student. The winner is announced at
the beginning of the Spring Semester. The winning essay is (with the student’s permission)
published on the Department website with the aim of helping future philosophy students to
master this form.