The Philosophy Minor

If you are interested in philosophy, but are committed to majoring in a different discipline, you may want to consider the Philosophy Minor. The minor provides you with a selection of intrinsically interesting courses, but it also suggests to future employers that you are an inquiring and reflective individual with strong critical thinking skills.

The Philosophy Minor is also an excellent choice for students who have not yet fulfilled many of their GE requirements. This is because all 3 lower-division requirements satisfy separate areas of GE, and many upper-division electives do as well. Click here to find out how to maximize the GE credit you can earn while completing the Philosophy Minor.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete their lower-division requirements before taking upper-division courses, and encouraged to take upper-division courses numbered below 150 prior to upper-division courses 150 or above.

Total units required for Minor: 18

Specific course requirements are:

A. Lower Division Courses (9 Units)
Select at least three of the following:



Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge, World and Self



History of Philosophy


PHIL 60 or Phil 61

Deductive Logic I or Inductive Logic

B. Upper Division Courses (9 Units)

Select upper division courses in Philosophy to complete 18 units. These can include Philosophy courses taken for GE.

Note: Students who minor in Philosophy are free to plan a sequence of courses suited to their individual needs and interests. However, for a given major, the Department offers certain courses that have particular relevance. Contact Department advisors for course recommendations.