Job Opportunities

What kinds of jobs can I get with my degree in Physics? This is a question that we get all of the time. We've compiled a listing of places where you can find out about career oppotunites in physics. 

Who Hires Physics Bachelors?

A few years ago, the American Institute of Physics compiled a listing of companies that had hired students with bachelors degrees in Physics. There are some surprising names on the list (Bank of America?), but it shows that there is a lot of flexiblity in the degree.

Careers Toolbox

The Society of Physics Students and American Institute of Physics put together this toolbox to help physics students and their mentors to help identify jobs that the well-suited for those with a bachelors degree in physics. Through a series of activities, it also helps students identify their skills and helps them prepare for inquiry, application, and interview. 

Careers Using Physics

The National Office of the Society of Physics Students works with the American Intitute of Physics to produce the Careers Using Physics website. This page lists jobs at the bachelor's degree level from the Physics Today Career Site, as well as career building advice, profiles, and summer research opportunities.

APS Career Guidance Page

The American Physical Society (APS) has prepared this page, along with a nice guide, to assist students in preparing themselves for the job market. The guide contains hints on subjects such as preparing CVs, giving presentations, and networking skills.

Academic Advising and Career Center Services

The Academic Advising and Career Center provides career counseling services and programs for Natural Science and Math students. Services: finding internships, volunteer experiences or part-time jobs; developing resumes and cover letters; exploring career options by major and/or concentration; choosing/changing a major, concentration and/or career path; learning job search strategies; learning about K-12 teaching opportunities for NSM students. Career Connection: a free online career management system for students, alumni and employers. Students can search job listings, register for events and workshops, and view a calendar of Academic Advising and Career Center events. 

Physics Today Careers Page

Physics Today is the leading magazine for physicists. Their website has a searchable database for jobs at all education levels in physics (Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D.).

American Physical Society Jobs Page

Go to APS physics jobs information

The American Physical Society Career Page will duplicate most of the jobs listed in the Physics Today page, but it never hurts to double check - you don't want to miss that dream job!

Our location in Sacramento provides opportunites for positions within the State Government. Unfortunately, there are very rarely jobs with titles like "physicist." So you'll have to get creative in your search: Research Scientist, Analyst, Technician, and Engineer might turn up an interesting job (the Careers Toolbox listed above has many suggestions for jobs that a physics student is likely qualified for).