Physics for the Rest of Us Lecture Series

The "Physics for the Rest of Us" Lecture Series is a quasi-regular series of talks on physics and science designed for the community at large. Approximately once each semester, we host a speaker and cast as broad of a net as possible for the audience. To get on our mailing list for "Physics for the Rest of Us" series, please send an email to

Upcoming Lecture

Prof. Joshua Moss
Sacramento State
Date TBA - Coming soon

Prof. Moss will host a special screening of "Particle Fever" a documentary about the work at the LHC in Geneva Switzerland. It will be followed with a Q and A session about what has been happening in the last couple of years.

Previous Lectures

Prof. Chad Orzel
Union College
"Discovering Your Inner Scientist"
October 21, 2015

In the popular imagination, science is a collection of arcane facts that only a tiny minority of people are capable of understanding. In reality, science a process for generating knowledge by looking at the world, thinking of possible explanations for interesting phenomena, testing those models by observation and experiment, and telling the results of those tests to others. This process is an essential human activity, something we all do every day, often just for fun. In this talk, I will explain how everyday activities like card games, crossword puzzles, and sports make use of the same mental tools scientists have used to revolutionize our understanding of the universe.

Prof. Joshua Moss
Sacramento State
"A Day in the Life of the God Particle" 
August 26, 2015