Anechoic Chamber

The Sacramento State anechoic chamber and associated acoustics capability is a major, unique facility of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. This two-story, walk-in chamber is used to conduct accurate sound measurements. Acoustic isolation of over 70 dB minimizes influence of outside noise. The chamber is floating on an independent foundation, further decoupling it from building vibrations. The non-reflective properties of the walls extend over the frequency 100 to 15,000 Hz. The chamber has been used to certify characteristics of loudspeakers and California Highway Patrol sirens. It is electromagnetically shielded, providing us an additional and extremely large Faraday cage for precision electronic measurements. Our Physics 130 class (Acoustics) uses this room extensively, but it is also used for independent projects and Physics 186 (Physics of Music). The chamber was recently showcased in a campus video segment showcasing Sac State's STEM programs and facilities.