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Dr. Moss along side the ATLAS detector during installation. Dr. Moss in one of the many tunnels in the CERN facility.

Frontiers of Particle Physics
Before joining our faculty in the fall of 2014, Assistant Professor Joshua Moss was a member of the ATLAS team that co-discovered the Higgs Boson at CERN. We were very excited about the possibilities that would open for us in the exciting world of high energy physics with him on campus. Less than a year later, he has secured a three-year National Science Foundation grant that will allow him to remain active at the world's largest scientific experiment. This grant not only provides resources for Moss to stay active in data analysis and planning future upgrades to the experiment, but it also allows him to send Sac State students to CERN to work with other ATLAS members in the summer.
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Prof. M. Hossein Partovi

Summer Research
The M. Hossein Partovi Summer Research Fellowship is a new program that supports students working with a faculty member over the summer. It is named in honor of Prof. Hossein Partovi, who passed away in 2014 after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. In his 31 years at Sacramento State, Prof. Partovi was known as an outstanding teacher and researcher who was a strong advocate for high quality scholarship among students and faculty alike.
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We Are Growing!
In the fall of 2015, we expect to crack the 100 majors threshold for the first time in Department history. This 150% increase will make us one of the largest baccalaureate-only programs in the country. This increase in students has allowed us to open more elective opportunities, including advanced scientific computing, dark matter and dark energy, and high energy physics.
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New Faculty, Too!
In the past two years, we hired four new assistant professors. In the fall of 2014, Matthew Block and Joshua Moss joined the Department. They will be joined by Mikkel Jensen and Michael Ray in the fall.
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Pie Chart showing distribution of employment 1 year post bachelors degree (excluding all grad schools).

Applied Physics Concentration
In the Fall of 2015 we launch our new Bachelor of Science in Physics, Applied Physics Concentration. This program is designed to prepare graduates for high tech careers or graduate studies in interdiscipinary areas by adding instrumentation, computing, and flexible elective opportunities to our core physics curriculum. With electives in physics, engineering, mathematics, and chemistry students can customize their curriculum to their desired career goals.
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Inspiring Tomorrow's Physicists
In the past several years, a number of our students have earned their teaching credential at Sacramento State after having completed their BA with the Teacher Preparation Concentration. The Concentration provides students the chance to work in local high school classes while still completing their physics degree. This program was inspired by Alumnus Joe Bania after he learned of the large number of high school physics classes that were led by instructors with no background in physics. Joe, and his wife Barbara, and Professor Emeritus Gene Barnes have also created scholarships for students in this program.
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