Minor in Astronomy

The Department offers a minor in Astronomy. This minor couples very nicely with the BS in Physics for those planning on continuing their studies in the areas of astronomy or astrophysics.

Required Courses (18 Units) 

Any one of:

ASTR 4A (Introduction to the Solar System), 
ASTR 4B (Introduction to Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology), or 
ASTR 4C (Introduction to Astrobiology)


ASTR 6 (Astronomical Observation Laboratory)
ASTR 131 (The Solar System and Space Exploration)
ASTR 132 (Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology)
ASTR 199 (Special Problems in Astronomy)
Elective Courses* (6 Units)

* Electives to be selected from a list of courses in consultation with an advisor from the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

For more details on the minor in Astronomy, please see the University Catalog