Bachelor of Science in Physics: Applied Physics Concentration

Our Bachelor of Science (BS), Applied Physics Concentration program is designed for those that wish to pursue careers in industry. Combining a solid core of physics, courses that cultivate highly marketable skills, and broad elective opportunities, this program will open many doors.

The lower and upper division courses required for a BS in physics, applied physics concentration are:

Lower Division (37 Units) 

MATH 30, 31, 32, (Calculus I, II, & III)
MATH 45 (Differential Equations)
CHEM 1E (General Chemistry for Engineers)
ENGR 45 (Materials)
CSC 25 (Introduction to C Programming)
PHYS 11A, 11B, 11C (General Physics I, II, & III)

Upper Division (38 - 40 Units) 

PHYS 105 or MATH 105A (Mathematical Methods)
PHYS 106 (Intro to Modern Physics)
PHYS 110 (Classical Mechanics)
PHYS 115 (Electronics and Instrumentation) 
PHYS 124 (Thermodynamics)
PHYS 135 (Electricity and Magnetism)
PHYS 150 (Quantum Mechanics)
PHYS 162 (Scientific Computing)
PHYS 175 (Advanced Physics Laboratory) 
PHYS 116 (Adv. Electronics), PHYS 163 (Adv Scientific Computing), OR PHYS 191 (Senior Project), 
Physics Elective (9 units of Upper-division coursework in consultation with adviser)

There are electives in Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, and Chemistry. 

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