Certificate - Scientific Computing and Simulation

Simulation, modeling, and computing today encompass a broad range of applications, from the problems of production engineering to the simulation of new chemical compounds and materials, the subatomic world of high energy to the cosmic realm of galaxies, intricate details of financial engineering to the abstract problems of mathematics and computer science, in short any question capable of precise formulation.

Employers and graduate programs increasingly look for computer-based skills of formulating and solving science and engineering problems, making these skills essential for employment or admission to graduate programs. Students that earn this certificate will acquire a good grounding in such skills, and will thereby be better prepared for today's industrial and academic careers.


Units required for the Certificate: 14

Background Courses (Select one option): 

(8) PHYS 11A/B/C General Physics (Calculus Based): Select Physics 11A and either 11B or 11C, OR
   PHYS 5A/B General Physics (Algebra/Trig Based), OR
   MATH 105A/B Advanced Mathematics for Science and Eng

Computing and Simulation Courses: 

(3) PHYS 162 Scientific Computing: Basic Methods (MATH 26A or MATH 30 and PHYS 5A, or MATH 30 and
   PHYS 11A, or MATH 105A taken concurrently)
(3) PHYS 163 Scientific Computing: Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization (PHYS 162)

To receive the certificate in Scientific Instrument Development, students must

  • achieve a 2.5 GPA in the certificate program courses;
  • must be working towards a degree at Sacramento State or have special approval from the Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

For more details on the program, please see our Certificate Program Flier or the University Catalog.