MPPA Curriculum

Academic Core (27 units)

student studying under a treePPA 200, Introduction to Public Policy and Administration provides analytic skills for thinking critically about policy issues. (3 units)

PPA 205, Research in Public Policy and Administration provides technical and conceptual skills used in generating, evaluating and applying policy relevant research information. (3 units)

PPA 207, Quantitative Methods develops applied analytic skills in regression analysis, in the formulation of regression model, estimation and forecasting. (3 units)

PPA 210, Political Environment of Policy Making develops an understanding of political factors which impinge on the policy processes emphasizing the role of ethics for the analyst and administrator. (3 units)

PPA 220A and PPA 220B, Applied Economic Analysis presents the basic concepts, tools and models of microeconomics applicable to public sector choices; focus specifically on the role of government in a market-oriented economy with emphasis on market failures, including public goods, externalities and monopoly; benefit-cost analysis. (6 units)

PPA 230, Public Budgeting and Finance emphasizes the budget processes of California state and local government, including revenue and expenditure patterns. (3 units)

PPA 240A and PPA 240B, Public Management and Administration examines organizational structure, design, management approaches and behavioral dynamics of state and local government entities. (6 units)

The Department of Public Policy and Administration requires students to use APA style when writing papers.