Thank you to our very generous donors!

Among our donors are alumni, friends, parents, faculty, retired faculty, and others who value the work we do and the students we serve. 

Donor List (Graduation Year)

  • Peggy T. Adams
  • Kent G. Andersen (2011)
  • Leslie R. Benson (2010)
  • Danell L. Brewster (2007)
  • Kathryn Anne Cardenas (2013)
  • Nancy Cardenas (2013)
  • Susan D. Catron (2005)
  • Susan E. Deidrich (2005)
  • Peter M. Detwiler
  • Christopher Dowdy (2011)
  • Robert E. Edrington (1953)
  • Jason Fox
  • Eric Zeferino Guerra (2007)
  • Rodney Kent Haack (1973)
  • Ginger Hashimoto
  • Jose C. Henriquez (2002)
  • Richard E. Hill, Ph.D. (1987)
  • P. Gail Hoban, USAF (1983)
  • Andrea M. Howard (2013)
  • Naren L. Jackson (1962)
  • Brittany Diane Jibby (2011)
  • Erik Rockefeller Johnson (2011)
  • Joseph Karkoski (2009)
  • Heather J. Kendrick
  • Lizabeth A. Kiley (1973)
  • Mary Kirlin
  • Nick Kosla (2010)
  • Larissa K. Kosla
  • Ted Lascher
  • Devin Matthew Lavelle (2011)
  • Joanna Leigh Lewis
  • Christina L. Lokke (2007)
  • Roberta K. Long
  • Jennifer A. Madrid
  • Jim Mayer (1993)
  • Mary Ellen Meuel (1992)
  • Haley A. Myers (2011)
  • Marina Angelene O'Connor
  • Sean T. O'Connor (2010)
  • Kolleen J. Ostgaard (2000)
  • Elizabeth H. Posner
  • Geoffrey F. Propheter (2005)
  • Cherise E. Revell (2011)
  • Martin B. Rosenberg
  • Kevin M. Schroeder (2011)
  • Samuel Joseph Shelton (2011)
  • Louis G. Solton (1972)
  • Donald R. Steed (1975)
  • Eric D. Stern (2011)
  • Susan Vanessa Vanderveen (1976)
  • Scott Robert Vince (2010)
  • Latonia R. Walton-Simon (2007)
  • Robert W. Wassmer

Becoming a PPA Donor

Help us educate the next generation of California's leaders. Become a donor to Public Policy and Administration. Our students deserve the best professional and academic training we can give them and you can help us make that happen with a monetary gift.

How to Give

You can donate two ways.

  • Donate on-line.
    Take a moment to visit the University's Development page.
    Sign up to give making sure to select "Public Policy Administration" from the Gift Designation drop down menu.
  • Donate by mail.
    Checks can be made out to the University Foundation at Sacramento State (please indicate the gift is for the PPA program) and sent to: 

University Foundation
California State University, Sacramento
Sacramento Hall 118
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6030 

Thank you to all our donors, past, present, and future. We greatly appreciate your generosity and support!

Endowed Chair for PPA

At the 2014-15 Green and Gold Gala the President announced that a donor had provided $1 million for the first ever endowed Chair for Sac State. 

The identifying graphic for the Department of Public Policy & Administration consists of a Capitol Dome, the Tower Bridge and the Guy West bridge.

PPA is thrilled that we are designated as the recipient. Many details are yet to be worked out but we are honored by this recognition. An endowed Chair means a faculty position (not necessarily the Department Chair) that is partially to fully funded by a donor.

From the campus press release:
"At the Gala, President Gonzalez also announced: - A $1 million gift from the estate of Hazel Cramer to create an endowed chair in the Department of Public Policy and Administration in the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies. It is the University’s first endowed chair and will allow the campus to bring in a renowned expert in the discipline to expand the range and quality of offerings for students. Mrs. Cramer was a longtime donor to the University, providing more than $800,000 in scholarships before her death in December and a total of more than $3.5 million through her estate."

Dean Orn Bodvarsson later stated, "...this is a very, very significant gift, which is a great honor for your department, our College, and the University. This gift to fund an endowed chair is the first of its kind at Sac State and these endowed chairs are very rare in the CSU system. We have been entrusted not only with a sizeable, but a precious gift."