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Feel free to peruse our bank of on-line theses/projects. They are organized by (1) graduation year then (2) alphabetically by the author's last name. Our alumni have generously made these documents available to us electronically for the convenience of our website visitors. 


Note: See the Sacramento State University Library for hard copies or Scholarworks for soft copies of theses/projects. They are available at these locations about a year after submission.

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Year Author's Name Degree Thesis/Project Title
2015 Blogett, Hannah Marie MPPA Examining Determinants of Calworks Receipt Among African Americans © 2015 Hannah Marie Blogett.
2015 Brown, Rachael MSULD Vehicle Miles Traveled, State Mandates, and Councils of Government: How Do Councils of Government Affect Vehicle Miles Traveled? © 2015 Rachael Brown.
2015 Danel, Desiree Michelle MPPA The Impact of State Abortion Policies on the Abortion Rate © 2015 Desiree Michelle Danel.
2015 Gojnic, Yovana Lyn MPPA Adolescent Physical Activity Levels: The Influence of High School Physical Education Participation © 2015 Yovana Lyn Gojnic.
2015 Ho, Irene Kang-yi MPPA Farm-To-School Yolo: Creating an Evaluation Framework for Program Expansion © 2015 Irene Kang-yi Ho.
2015 Johnson, Sean A.  MPPA Why is Housing so Unaffordable in the Sacramento Region? An Investigation of Housing Supply Constraints and Demand Characteristics © 2015 Sean A. Johnson.
2015 Mack, Grant Austin MPPA An Assessment of Electricity Sector Reforms to Achieve California’s Energy Goals © 2015 Grant Austin Mack.
2015 Pistochini, Ryan Joseph MPPA The Implications of the City of Davis' Urban Growth Boundary © 2015 Ryan Joseph Pistochini.
2015 Reynolds, Lisa Loann MSULD Quicker, Easier, Cheaper? The Efficacy of CEQA Streamlining for Infill Development © 2015 Lisa Loann Reynolds.
2015 Thorne, Terra MPPA Pathways to Higher Education: Perceptions from College-Enrolled Former Foster Youth © 2015 Terra Thorne.
2015 Trujillo, Austin MPPA An Excise Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Drinks as Health Policy: Can Taxation Influence Weight? © 2015 Austin Trujillo.
2015 West, Carolyn Aileen MPPA Achieving the Criteria of the Continuum of Care Grant: An Evaluation of the Application of Yolo County’s Homeless and Poverty Action Coalition © 2015 Carolyn Aileen West.
2014 Billingsley, Michael W. MPPA Income Inequality: Analysis and Recommendation Using the Bardach Method © 2014 Michael W. Billingsley.
2014 Claiborne, Jennifer Michelle MSULD Feasibility Study for the Redevelopment of the Historic Sacramento PG&E Power Station © 2014 Jennifer Michelle Claiborne.
2014 Cotter, Stephanie Lauren MPPA Inclusionary Zoning Policies in California: A Cost-Benefit Analysis from the Perspective of Local Government Officials © 2014 Stephanie Lauren Cotter.
2014 Dominguez, Kacey Lynn MPPA Components Of A Comprehensive Marijuana Regulatory System Assessing California’s Medical Marijuana Program © 2014 Kacey Lynn Dominguez.
2014 Garvin, Cosmo Q. MPPA Place and Poverty
How Does Sprawl Affect Poverty Rates In U.S. Central Places?
 © 2014 Cosmo Q. Garvin.
2014 Graves, Alex MPPA Policy Leadership in Higher Education © 2014 Alex Graves.
2014 Lewis, Jodi MPPA Improving Bachelor’s Degree Completion Rates: An Examination Of First Year Experience At Sacramento State © 2014 Jodi Lewis.
2014 Lynch, Michael MPPA The Effect of Charter Schools on the Academic Performance of African American and Latino Students © 2014 Michael Lynch.
2014 Madrid, Jennifer Alison MPPA When Do People Leave In-Home Supportive Services? © 2014 Jennifer Alison Madrid.
2014 Phillips, Lisa Marie MPPA Improving Collaborative Outcomes: A Review Of Project Manager And Facilitator Roles And Relationships © 2014 Lisa Marie Phillips.
2014 Stewart, Amy Kathleen MPPA Evaluating California’s Handheld Cell Phone Use Ban © 2014 Amy Kathleen Stewart.
2014 Suedkamp, Lauren MPPA The Future of the Market-Matching Program © 2014 Lauren Suedkamp.
2014 Thomas, Matthew MPPA 10 Years of Voodoo Economics: The Effect of Taxes on Economic Growth © 2014 Matthew Thomas.
2014 Thomas, William Dean MPPA Which Vehicles Have a Higher Probability of Failing a California Smog Check Inspection Primarily Consisting of a Diagnostic Scan of the Vehicle’s On-Board Computer System? © 2014 William Dean Thomas.
2014 Williams, Lyndsey Kathleen MPPA Evaluation of Public Engagement in the Yolo County Budget Process © 2014 Lyndsey Kathleen Williams.
2013 Aguilar, Sergio MPPA Addressing Healthcare Access Needs for Children Enrolled In Medi-Cal © 2013 Sergio Aguilar.
2013 Anderson, Brandon Gene MSULD Different Strokes an Analysis of Green Building Demand © 2013 Brandon Anderson.
2013 Bennett, Kristen Noel MPPA Telling Your Story” Using Performance Measurement Presenting an Approach to Performance Measure Development © 2013 Kristen Bennett.
2013 Bravo, George Ruben MPPA Citizensourcing: The Next Level Of Civic Engagement A Case Study: Envision Sacramento © 2013 George Bravo.
2013 Cardenas, Kathryn Anne MPPA Social Media Use In Local Government Agencies: An Implementation Guide For Public Officials © 2013 Kathryn Cardenas.
2013 Chapin, Brandon Kent MPPA From the Ashes of Bankruptcy: An Assessment of the Collaborative Nature of the City of Vallejo’s Participatory Budgeting Process © 2013 Brandon Chapin.
2013 Dickinson, Tracey MPPA How Can We Improve California's Welfare Work Participation Rates? A Criteria-Alternatives Matrix Analysis © 2013 Tracey Dickinson.
2013 Durbin, Amy Marie MPPA The Evolution Of Negotiation In Local Government Bankruptcies: Can Mandated Mediation Prevent Municipal Bankruptcies? © 2013 Amy Durbin.
2013 Eisenhammer, Eric Scott MPPA Conservative Campaign Performance in Communities of Color: Lessons from Recent California Proposition Campaigns on Marriage and Energy Policy © 2014 Eric Scott Eisenhammer (available at the University Library)
2013 Fesler, Derrick Hayden MPPA Evaluating Traffic Congestion Mitigation Strategies © 2013 Derrick Fesler.
2013 Fox, Jason Robert MPPA Analyzing the Organizational Culture of Yolo County Using Two Assessment Models © 2013 Jason Fox.
2013 Good, Tiffany Jenee MPPA Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Residential Allocation System Update: A Study of Collaboration © 2013 Tiffany Good.
2013 Hayes, Jessica MSULD The Long-Term Impacts of Redevelopment on Residential Neighborhoods: Three Sacramento Case Studies © 2013 Jessica Hayes.
2013 Howard, Andrea MSULD Development Impact Fees and Multi-Family Housing: A Feasibility Study © 2013 Andrea Howard.
2013 Kabanuck, Amanda Marie MPPA From Cadet to Officer: Can the Police Activities League Cadet Program Be Used as a Recruiting Tool for the San Francisco Police Department? © 2013 Amanda Kabanuck.
2013 Lane, Justin Daniel MPPA An Analysis of College Readiness Indicators to Incorporate in the Academic Performance Index © 2013 Justin Lane.
2013 Lege, Matthew MPPA Multi-Criteria Analysis of Proposition 39 Revenue Spending Options © 2013 Matthew Lege.
2013 Maldonado, Lisbeth MPPA Health in General Plans an Evaluation of San Joaquin Valley General Plans © 2013 Lisbeth Maldonado.
2013 Marin, Angela K. MPPA From Plan To Practice: Implementing Sb 617, California’s Regulatory Review Reform © 2013 Angela Marin.
2013 Navarro, Kevin Phillip MPPA An Assessment of California’s Cap-And-Trade Revenue Options & Free Allowance Allocation Methods © 2013 Kevin Navarro.
2013 Ong, Ryan Scott MPPA The Public Official’s Guide To Assessing A Sports Complex Proposal © 2013 Ryan Ong.
2013 Ramsey, Tina Kim MPPA Measuring and Evaluating the Financial Condition of Local Government © 2013 Tina Ramsey.
2013 Roebuck, Ryan Neil MPPA Effective Governmental Reporting: Comparing County Veteran Service Officer Reporting Processes © 2013 Ryan Roebuck.
2013 Ryan, Theodore C., Jr. MPPA Testing a Standard Framework For Consistency Analysis in California © 2013 Theodore Ryan.
2013 Smith, Arianna Zitano MPPA Predicting Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy © 2013 Arianna Smith.
2013 Tran, Ngan Lam Thi MPPA Unhappiness: The Hidden Cost of Not Having Health Insurance Coverage © 2013 Ngan Tran.
2013 Van Den Berg, Andrea Nichole MPPA An Evaluation of Solutions to California's Roadway Dire Straits: A Critical Alternative Matrix © 2013 Andrea Nichole Van Den Berg.
2013 Wagner, Natalie Rose MPPA Increasing College Completion Rates in California: A Study of the Factors Involved and Recommendations to Facilitate Student Success © 2013 Natalie Rose Wagner.
2013 Wetzel, William Thomas MPPA Reducing General Fund Expenditures Stormwater in West Sacramento, California © 2013 William Wetzel.
2013 Wong, Dandy John MPPA Improving the Management of Information Technology Projects: A Preliminary Analysis of the California Project Management Methodology © 2013 Dandy Wong.
2012 Bishop, Julia Nicole MPPA Districts In The Red: Measuring The Impact Of School District Fiscal Insolvency On Student Achievement © 2012 Julia Bishop.
2012 Bradbury, Sabrina A. MPPA Predicting Environmentally-Friendly Behavior: Does Political Ideology Affect Willingness To Change Behavior To Help Improve The Environment? © 2012 Sabrina Bradbury.
2012 Brooks, Viola J. MPPA Application Of The Multiple Streams Model To Tribal Governments Pursuing Membership On The Humboldt County Association Of Governments © 2012 Viola Brooks.
2012 Cantrell, Scott MPPA Public Understanding of Science In America © 2012 Scott Cantrell.
2012 Chisholm, Eric Joseph MPPA Are Career And Technical Education Programs At California Community Colleges Aligned With Local Labor Markets? © 2012 Eric Chisholm.
2012 Cook, Kevin Warren MPPA Faculty Composition And Graduation Rates At Four-Year Institutions Of Higher Education © 2012 Kevin Cook.
2012 Desvarro, Ellen MSULD Not Just the Suburbs Anymore: Can the Suburban Community of El Dorado Hills, California Become a Sustainable Suburb? © 2012 Ellen Desvarro.
2012 Divan, Sarah Michele MPPA Changing "The Way We Do Things" Presenting A Strategic Organizational Culture Framework © 2012 Sarah Divan.
2012 Finnestead, Robin Asia MPPA Nobody’s Home: Redevelopment Agencies And Affordable Housing In California © 2012 Robin Finnestead.
2012 Gardner, Christopher Sorge MPPA Access Vs. Impacts A Collaborative Assessment Of OHV Use In Yolo County © 2012 Christopher Gardner.
2012 Germek, Colleen Genora MPPA Predicting contraceptive use among women at risk of unintended pregnancy: does having a usual source of health care matter? © 2012 Colleen Germek.
2012 Grossi, Dana Lisa MPPA More is Better: Examining the Relationship Between States’ Requirements for Personal Finance Instruction and Financial Literacy © 2012 Dana Grossi.
2012 Harland, Eli Waylon MSULD Photovoltaic Desert: Tax Revenue Outcomes of Solar Development in Fresno County © 2012 Eli Harland.
2012 Herrick, Dylan James MSULD Transit-Oriented Multifamily Redevelopment of an Obsolete Urban Infill Industrial Site: Is It Feasible? © 2012 Dylan Herrick.
2012 Jensen, Heidi Lillian MPPA Beyond The Boys Club: Does The Gender Of An Elected Official Have Any Effect On Legislative Staff? © 2012 Heidi Jensen.
2012 Johnstone, Tyler MPPA California’s Need for Engineers and Stem Education © 2012 Tyler Johnstone.
2012 Kersey, Christina Marie MPPA What Happened To “Tuition Free” College Education? Explaining Why Fees Have Risen Sharply In The CSU System © 2012 Christina Kersey.
2012 Lichty, Benjamin David MSULD Ask The Builders: Finding Consensus Among Development Industry Stakeholders For Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies © 2012 Benjamin Lichty.
2012 Mallory, Melissa Erin MPPA Empowerment Through Collaboration: A Case Study Of Women’s Associations In Mali © 2012 Melissa Mallory.
2012 Muhlhauser, Theodore Dennis MPPA State Options For Improving The Cultural Competency Of Physicians In Caring For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender People © 2012 Theodore Muhlhauser.
2012 Murphy, Alyson MSULD Feasibility Study For Development Of An 81-Unit Single-Family Residential Subdivision © 2012 Alyson Murphy.
2012 Salling, Katharine A.  MPPA Measuring The Impact Of Supplemental Educational Services On Student Achievement © 2012 Katharine Salling.
2012 Sturmfels, Andrew Joseph MPPA Financing Economic Development in Post Redevelopment California © 2012 Andrew Sturmfels.
2012 Zimmer, Christopher Gerard MPPA Social Media Use In Local Public Agencies: A Study of California’s Cities © 2012 Christopher Zimmer.
2012 Zvonicek, Rushenka MPPA A Study Of The California Furloughs And Their Effects On State Workers © 2012 Rushenka Zvonicek.
2011 Andersen, Kent Gary MPPA Leadership In California State Government: Lessons From A Survey Of Executives © 2011 Kent Andersen.
2011 Buchanan, Sean Anthony MSULD CALGreen Costs Green, but will it Save Green Too? A Case Study of 10799 International Drive, Rancho Cordova, California © 2011 Sean Buchanan.
2011 Buss, Kiana MPPA Regulatory Barriers To Affordable Housing: An Analysis Of The Effects Of Local Land Use Regulations On Housing Costs In The Greater Sacramento Area © 2011 Kiana Buss.
2011 Cheever, Melissa Kathleen MPPA A Reassessment Of Civil Service In California © 2011 Melissa Cheever.
2011 Dowdy, Christopher Eric MPPA Regulatory Oversight Of Human Services Licensing Agencies: Risk-Based Approaches For California © 2011 Christopher Eric Dowdy.
2011 Greaves, Fielding L MPPA Evaluating California Water Supply Cost-Effectiveness Analysis © 2011 Fielding Greaves.
2011 Harper, Eric J MPPA The Economic Field of Dreams: Analyzing the Local Economic Development Potential of Sports Tourism © 2011 Eric Harper.
2011 Jawanda, Rupinder MSULD Getting there from here: changing land use patterns and reducing emissions in California through quality project design © 2011 Rupinder Jawanda.
2011 Jibby, Brittany Diane MPPA An Assessment of the Impacts of California State University Enrollment Cuts, Fall 2009-Fall 2010 © 2011
2011 John, Elizabeth Mae MPPA Are The Expectations Of The Lanterman Act Being Met?:  An Evaluation Of The California Department Of Developmental Services’ Performance Contracts © 2011 Elizabeth John.
2011 Johnson, Erik Rockefeller MPPA Why Do Transportation Sales Tax Measures Succeed? © 2011 Erik Johnson.
2011 Konecny, Kendell D. MSULD Urban Form and Home Value: A Hedonic Analysis in Sacramento, California © 2011 Kendell Konecny.
2011 Lac, Ly MPPA The Impacts of Direct Democracy on Governance: A 50 State Comparison © 2011 Ly Lac.
2011 Lavelle, Devin Matthew Schulz MPPA It Takes a Village: Community Impacts on School Achievement © 2011 Devin Lavelle.
2011 Loman, Kenneth Stuart MPPA The Good Citizen Bias: Does Random-Digit Dialing Over-Include Unlikely Voters In Opinion Surveys? © 2011 Kenneth Loman.
2011 McCarty, Kevin MPPA A Case Study on Hiram Johnson High School Operation College © 2011 Kevin McCarty.
2011 Murray, Meegen Michelle MPPA Cargo on the Move: Options for Infrastructure and Air Quality Improvements at the San Pedro Bay Ports © 2011 Meegan Murray.
2011 Myers, Haley A. C. MPPA A Formative Evaluation Of Sacramento State’s Leadership Initiative Program Design © 2011 Haley Myers.
2011 Oriol, Kristy MPPA Youth Smoking In California A Conflict Assessment For Collaboration © 2011 Kristy Oriol.
2011 Papailias, Eleni V. MPPA An Examination of the Correlation Between School Leaders’ Race/Ethnicity and Latino Academic Achievement in California © 2011 Eleni Papailias.
2011 Revell, Cherise Evette MPPA School Board Training Effects on Student Achievement © 2011 Cherise Revell.
2011 Robinson, Russell MSULD Feasibility Study For Development Of An 81-Unit Single-Family Residential Subdivision © 2011 Russell Robinson.
2011 Schroeder, Kevin Michael MPPA Analysis of Fiscal Options Available to the Parks & Recreation Department of West Sacramento During a Period of Economic Contraction © 2011Kevin Schroeder.
2011 Scott, Daniel Francis MPPA Medical Cannabis in the United States © 2011 Daniel Scott.
2011 Seekatz, Scott Dominic MPPA Awakening The Sleeping Giant: California’s Public Pension System And The Effects Of Unfunded Liabilities © 2011 Scott Seekatz.
2011 Shelton, Samuel Joseph MPPA Sustainable Streets Or More Potholes: Developing The City Of West Sacramento's Street Rehabilitation Strategy © 2011 Samuel Shelton.
2011 Stern, Eric MPPA Can Tuition Increases Improve Student Outcomes In California Community Colleges? © 2011 Eric Stern.
2010 Dickinson, Christopher J. MSULD Impediments To Infill Development: An Analysis Of Infill Implementation Policies © 2010 Christopher Dickinson.
2010 Esquivel, Ruthanna E. MPPA Explaining The Paradox Of Conservative Latinos And Their Affiliation With The Democratic Party © 2010 Ruthanna Esquivel.
2010 Livaich, Joseph William George MSULD You Say You Want a Green Revolution, But Are Costs Greater Than Its Benefits? A Case Study of 2600 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, California © 2010 Joseph Livaich.
2010 Kosla, Nicholas Steven MPPA Over A Decade Of Failure: Why Military Base Reuse At The Naval Air Station, Alameda (Alameda Point) Has Been Unsuccessful © 2010 Nicholas Kosla.
2010 Martin, Pamela W. MPPA Assessing The Cost Burden On California’s Volunteer Firefighters © 2010 Pamela Martin.
2010 Mason, Charles L., Jr. MPPA Best Practices And Case Study: Senior Mobility And The City Of Oakland © 2010 Charles L. Mason, Jr.
2010 O'Connor, Sean Thomas MPPA Why Don’t They Get Licensed? Investigating Success In The California Clinical Social Worker And Marriage And Family Therapist Licensing Process © 2010 Sean O'Connor.
2010 Perez, Veronica MPPA Is The Applied Baccalaureate Degree Right For California? © 2010 Veronica Perez.
2010 Propheter, Geoffrey Francis MPPA Revenue Impact of a Sales Tax on Services © 2010 Geoffrey Propheter.
2010 Radosevich, Martin MPPA Measuring the Effectiveness of Redevelopment Laws in California © 2010 Martin Radosevich.
2010 Sheldon, Jennifer Lynn MPPA Community Gardens: Best Practices Across Urban America © 2010 Jennifer Sheldon.
2010 Torvestad, Garth Robert MSULD The Role of Sustainability in Real Estate Finance and Investments © 2010 Garth Torvestad.
2010 Vince, Scott R. MPPA Learning and Belief Change in a Collaborative Policy Subsystem: Marine Aquaculture in The United States © 2010 Scott Vince.
2010 Wong, Maria Slawson MPPA Delta Vision: Riding The Crest Of Big Ideas © 2010 Maria Wong.
2009 Alaniz, Dolores MPPA What can project management help us understand about the California case management system (CCMS) implementation in Sacramento County © 2009 Dolores Alaniz.
2009 Burkham-Greydanus, Frances Larelle MPPA Farmland Mitigation Programs: A Survey of Central Valley Local Governments © 2009 Frances Larelle Burkham-Greydanus.
2009 Cordova, Marianna M. MPPA Services for self-represented litigants: what can be done in California's appellate courts? © 2009 Marianna Cordova.
2009 Gilmore, Nathaniel MPPA A Cost Benefit Analysis Of The Nimbus Fish Passage Project © 2009 Nathaniel Gilmore.
2009 Glover, Tina MPPA Minimizing the number of multiples born via IVF: what can policymakers do? © 2009 Tina Glover.
2009 Heitstuman, David. M. MPPA Late Again: What Factors Influence the California Legislature's Ability to Pass an On Time Budget? © 2009 David Heitstuman.
2009 Isaacs, Emily Rebecca MPPA The Future of California's Public Pension System: Riding the Retirement Wave or Wiping Out © 2009 Emily Isaacs.
2009 Kanemasu, Jon David MPPA Senate Bill 375 and the Sacramento Region: Will Transit Funding Challenges Derail Plans for Smart Growth? © 2009 Jon Kanemasu.
2009 Karkoski, Joseph MPPA A Hedonic Pricing Model Of The Effect Of The American River Parkway On Home Prices In Sacramento County, California, USA © 2009 Joseph Karkoski.
2009 Karzag, Marina MPPA Power at the Polls: Election-Day and Same-Day Voter Registration Laws and Youth Voter Turnout in U.S. Congressional Elections © 2009 Marina Karzag.
2009 Kolla, Sheila Bhagavathi MPPA Is Personality A Viable Predictor of Success in the Office of Governor? A Comparison of the Personalities of Governors Davis and Schwarzenegger © 2009 Sheila Kolla.
2009 Lamb, Rosemary MPPA A Study of the Executive Fellowship Program and Its Introduction into a Career in Public Service © 2009 Rosemary Lamb.
2009 Litzky, Katherine MPPA California State Parks: Economic Impact Of Visitor Expenditures © 2009 Katherine Litzky.
2009 McLearan, Katharyn E. MPPA Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Conservationists? Logic Model Program Design © 2009 Katharyn McLearan.
2009 Mendonsa, Becky MPPA Who Is Using The Emergency Department For Non-Urgent Care? Characteristics Of Individuals That Use Emergency Departments As A Usual Source Of Care © 2009 Becky Mendonsa.
2009 Michel, Debra Lynn MSULD Successful Side Streets in Sacramento: An Analysis of Alley Activation Projects © 2009 Debra Michel.
2009 Ossman, Greta Ruth MPPA Exploring strategic planning in the nonprofit sector: Sacramento's Ubuntu Green © 2009 Greta Ossman.
2009 Pitt, Gayle MPPA CalWORKs: an evaluation of participation reporting tools © 2009 Gayle Pitt.
2009 Rewers, Jessica MPPA Identifying The Impacts Of Light Rail Station Location On Residential Property Values In The City Of Sacramento © 2009 Jessica Rewers.
2009 Rogers, Emily MPPA Spillover Effects Of Foreclosures In Sacramento County, California © 2009 Emily Rogers.
2009 Schneider, Neil E. MPPA Rethinking prostitution enforcement at the Sacramento Police Department © 2009 Neil Schneider.
2009 Stone-Takai, Kathleen MPPA Mandating Treatment for the Mentally Ill: Why so Difficult? © 2009 Kathleen Stone-Takai.
2009 Tovmasian, Lilit MPPA Volunteering Across Aging Service Programs © 2009 Lilit Tovmasian.
2009 Walker, Tiffany A. MPPA Did the Environmental Justice Enforcement Initiative Achieve Its Goals and Correctly Apply a Collaborative Approach? © 2009 Tiffany Walker.
2008 Chang, Wendy J. MPPA Condemnation in California: Which Redevelopment Agencies Use Eminent Domain? © 2008 Wendy Chang.
2008 Keyes, Lindsay Eileen MPPA Strategic Consideration for City Annexations in California © 2008 Lindsay Keyes.
2008 McKinney, Christopher Anthony MPPA A Study of Homeless Veterans in Sacramento County © 2008 Christopher McKinney.
2008 Rios, Stephanie Ruth MPPA California Nursing Homes: Does Ownership Type Predict Differences in Care? © 2008 Stephanie Rios.
2008 Roughani, Ash MPPA Putting Political Reform in a Public Policy Context: An Analysis of the Policy Goals of Political Reform Ballot Measures in California © 2008 Ash Roughani.
2008 Springmeyer, Amy Noakes MPPA Assessing Factors that Influence Participation at Senior Congregate Nutrition Programs © 2008 Amy Springmeyer.
2007 Brewster, Danell L. MPPA Balancing Production and Integration in Inclusionary Housing Programs: A Comparative Study of Four California Cities © 2007 Danell Brewster.
2007 Ezzy, Mufaddal Taher MPPA A Qualitative Foundation: Exploring Political Engagement Among Asian Indians in California © 2007 Mufaddal Taher Ezzy.
2007 Foster, Tamar Davis MPPA Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: A Preliminary Assessment of the New California Department of Public Health © 2007 Tamar Foster.
2007 Hard, Edward James MPPA Urban Containment in the American West; An Effective or Misguided Urban Policy? © 2007 Edward Hard.
2007 Herra, Sean George MSULD Development Plan for a 99 Unit Single-Family Residential Subdivision © 2007 Sean George Herra.
2007 Minnick, Michael Alexander MPPA Differential Response In Sacramento: An Assessment Of The Pilot Program Through The Eyes Of The Support Service Providers © 2007 Michael Minnick.
2007 Taylor, Lesley Jane MPPA Predicting Academic Achievement by the Physical Condition of Facilities in California's Schools © 2007 Lesley Jane Taylor.
2006 Cavner, Keri Thomas  MPPA Criteria for Assessing Effective Health Care Delivery to California's Underinsured © 2006 Keri Thomas.
2005 Brown, Caylyn Suzanne MPPA A Case Study of the Williamson Act in Tehama County © 2005 Caylyn Brown.
2005 Cole III, Walden Laurence MPPA Building A Box Around Growth: Policy Options for Managing California's Urban Growth © 2005 Walden Cole III.
2005 Cruz, Catherine Mayann V. MPPA Reassessing the State Mandates Problem in California © 2005 Catherine Cruz.
2005 Hoggatt, Gary Lee MPPA General Education in California - Trends over the Last Thirty Years © 2005 Gary Hoggatt.
2005 Topf, Beth MPPA Livable Communities and Aging in Sacramento County: Preparing for the Changing Demographics © 2005 Beth Topf.

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