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Cristy Jensen Award

Photo of Cristy Jensen

Upon her retirement in 2007, the Department of Public Policy and Administration created the Distinguished Graduate Award in honor of our founding faculty member, Professor Emerita Cristy Jensen. Affectionately known as the Cristy Jensen Award, MPPA students selected for this honor exhibited throughout their graduate careers the qualities Dr. Jensen valued most:

  • academic achievement
  • active involvement in the PPA community
  • peer mentoring
  • demonstrated leadership
  • professionalism

Each Cristy Jensen Award recipient is selected at the end of a given academic year from those MPPA students who completed their culminating experience in that year.

Professor Emerita Cristy Jensen

In 1989, Cristy Jensen founded the graduate program in Public Policy and Administration as it is today. Dr. Jensen was the 2007 recipient of the prestigious John C. Livingston Award. Following is her Livingston lecture, delivered on October 30, 2007, entitled, "Faculty As Academic Leaders: Our Students Are Counting on Us (Whether They Know It or Not)".

Year and Recipients

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Geoffrey Propheter, MPPA

Revenue Impact of a Sales Tax on Services © 2010 Geoffrey Propheter.

In his own words (in 2011): "I am currently a second year public policy PhD student at George Washington University.My primary areas of research are state and local public finance, economic development, and various philosophical dimensions of policy and taxation."


photo of Lindsay Keyes

Lindsay Keyes, MPPA

Strategic Consideration for City Annexations in California © 2008 Lindsay Keyes.

In her own words (in 2011): "I am currently enjoying my role as a stay-at-home mom with my 2 1/2-year old and my 4-month old daughters. Though they keep me very busy, I have assumed leadership roles within the Sierra Moms, a large social and support organization for local mothers, and I try to follow current political events. My experience in the PPA program has undoubtedly shaped the way I think about the world. I am looking forward to returning to the workforce in a couple years."


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Jean-Marie McKinney, MPPA

"Teacher Compensation : An Evaluation of Teacher Salary and Student Performance." Thesis. Sacramento State, 2007.

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