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Judicial Administration Certificate Program

Judicial Administration Certificate BannerThe Department of Public Policy and Administration has transitioned administrative function of the Judicial Administration Certificate Program to the College of Continuing Education. This change not only simplifies the certificate student's experience administratively, but also conforms to the University's current certificate granting policy.

Prospective certificate students should visit CCE's Judicial Administration Certificate website. Please contact Jessika Morrison 916-278-5878 for more information.

CCE will continue to work with PPA to provide a high quality academic experience for the Judicial Administration certificate participants. Course content, delivery, and unit value (or academic credit) will remain the same, as will application requirements. The biggest differences will be the convenience of the schedule (CCE is not limited to the academic year calendar), the pay per unit fee schedule, and the process for registering for classes.


Please contact the College of Continuing Education to apply for this certificate program. Please see CCE's Judicial Administration Certificate program website at http://www.cce.csus.edu/ja for details.

For more information, please contact:

Jessika Morrison
Program Coordinator
Academic Programs
College of Continuing Education

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