Public Policy & Administration Listserv

Our Department has four listservs:

Student Listserv

For PPA and ULD students and members of the Department only.
We send LOTS of information to our students about University deadlines, classroom happenings, student internships and job, social events, and other items only our graduate students would find interesting. We initially subscribe our new students to the student listserv, with the expectation that they will thereafter manage their subscription. Subscription to this list requires Department approval. 

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Alumni Listserv

For PPA and ULD alumni and members of the Department only.
As our students graduate, we move them to our alumni listserv. This is the listserv where we post information about our social events, relevant jobs postings, and other announcements (no more University deadlines!). Alumni may subscribe and manage their subscriptions here. Subscription to this list requires Department approval.

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Prospective Student Listserv

Prospective students can stay in the loop by joining our Prospective Student Listserv. The messages we will send you include application deadlines, information and recruitment sessions, and Department social events (for networking!). You can sign yourself up and manage your own subscription.

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Friends of PPA Listserv

Our "friends" listserv is perfect for anyone with a general interest in the Department of Public Policy and Administration at Sacramento State. We welcome anyone interested in applying to our program to join this list. We post about social events and other general PPA announcements here. Anyone may subscribe to our friends list.

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Need help with your listserv subscription?

Contact the Department at (916) 278-6557 or