Time Limit

All work toward a master's degree, including transferred credits, course work, and thesis, must be completed within seven years. This time limit is required of all master's candidates in the California State University (other institutions of higher education across the country have similar deadlines).


To calculate your seven-year deadline, please input the semester and year of the oldest course you plan to use toward your master's degree.

Select Semester Enter Four-digit Year This is your seven-year deadline.

Alternately, you can look up your seven-year deadline using this printable table.

The above table is to be used for advising purposes only. The Office of Graduate Studies 916-278-6470 determines the official seven-year deadline for each student as that student advances to candidacy.

Occasionally an extraordinary situation will arise whereby a student will want to challenge the time limit. The burden to establish currency of an expired course (a course completed more than seven years ago) falls to the student. In such a case the petition for currency form would be used to request a one semester extension beyond the limit.

Title 5 of the California Administrative Code of Regulations (b)(2) is where you can find the relevant language.