Sample of Scholarship by PPA Faculty


Su Jin Jez

Su Jin Jez
The Differential Impact of Wealth Versus Income in the College-Going Process Research in Higher Education. (Online) © Springer Science+Business Media, DOI: 10.1007/s11162-014-9332-0, 01 March 2014.

Mary Kirlin

Mary Kirlin
On Balance: Lessons in Effective Coordination from the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges – An Organizational Perspective. With Nancy Shulock.Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy, July 2012

Ted Lascher

Photo of Ted Lascher
Do Ballot Initiatives Increase General Political Knowledge?With Nicholas R. Seabrook and Joshua J. DyckPolitical Behavior> Published online: 26 April 2014

Andrea Venezia

Photo of Andrea Venezia
Venezia, Andrea, Jodi Lewis, Colleen Moore, and Thad Nodine."Trial and Error: California Students Make the Best of an Improving Yet Complex Transfer Process." (2016): n. pag. Oct. 2016. Web.

Rob Wassmer

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"Further Empirical Evidence on Residential Property Taxation and the Occurrence of Urban Sprawl." Regional Science & Urban Economics 61 (2016): 73-85. "The Importance of Supply and Demand to Policymaking Designed to Alter Preschool Attendance." California Journal of Politics and Policy 8.4 (2016): n.