Safe Zone Training

The PRIDE Center offers a 3 hour training aimed at creating safe spaces/zones on campus in people, organizations, and offices/departments. At the end of each training, individuals get "Safe Zone Stickers" which they can put on office doors/windows, water bottles, binders, laptops, etc., to show that they are safe spaces for LGBTQ students, staff, and faculty. 

If you are interested in scheduling a training for your office, group, club, organization, or class, please fill out the form found HERE. If you have questions, please contact the Safe Zone Program Coordinator--Chris Kent--at 

Many individuals who go through Safe Zone Training are also interested in continuing their involvement with the community after their training. The Safe Zone Community Program is the next step after training. Individuals who are interested can remain connected to the program by filling this FORMOnce signed up, individuals will be put on an email list, where they will be notified about meetings, mixers, programs, or educational information important for Safe Zone trained individuals.

Below are people who organize and lead Safe Zone Trainings, after going through a training for Trainers. If you are interested in becoming a Trainer, contact Chris Kent at the PRIDE Center.

1) Chris Kent, Program Coordinator, PRIDE Center --
2) Rikka Venturanza, Advisor, Student Organizations & Leadership --
3) Nicole Zauner, Residential Life Coordinator --
4) Teresa Sosa, Student Manager, Student Health & Counseling Services --
5) Reva Wittenberg, Associate Director, Student Health & Counseling Services,
6) Debra Welkley, Instructor, Sociology --
7) Dr. Santos Torres, Jr., Professor, Social Work --
8) Jessica Castellon, Program Coordinator, Multi-Cultural Center --
9) D.J. Walch, Residential Life Coordinator --