The OAPA Team

Dr. Amy Liu 
Dpt. of Sociology,
OAPA Director

Amy Liu is a leading expert in assessment, program review, and curriculum design. As the director of OAPA since 2012, she has provided leadership and training about how to use program learning outcomes with standards of performance and quality assignments to demonstrate the meaning, quality, integrity and uniqueness of degree programs. As a recent graduate of WASC Assessment Leadership Academy, she has used an integrated assessment strategy that combines direct assessment with exit surveys and transcript analysis to provide high quality data to improve student learning and success. Since 2007, Dr. Liu has been Director of Sociology Graduate Program and is responsible for recruiting and advising graduate students and for designing and assessing this program. She has also chaired three program review teams and served as an external consultant. As the Director of The Sacramento State Annual Survey of the Region (2002 -2009), her research team interviewed about 9,000 residents in the Sacramento region, produced 54 reports, and conducted more than 100 media interviews. 

Dr. Chia-Jung Chung 
Dpt. of Education,
OAPA Consultant

Chia-Jung Chung from the College of Education has served as the program coordinator and as the co-chair of the Technology Advisory Committee and the committee of Strategic Planning, Accountability, and Resources in her college for several years. She has also served on the Assessment and Accreditation Committee for two years. She has facilitated the implementation of electronic portfolios in the teaching credential department since 2004 and conducted and published well-received research in the field regarding the electronic portfolio as an assessment and learning tool. She joined the Office of Academic Program Assessment in Fall 2014 as a faculty consultant where she has provided exceptional support. Her dedication to research, teamwork, and education has become a critical asset to the foundations of program assessment and to the progress and enhancement of student learning.
Office (Eureka Hall): 916-278-3587

Dr. Jacqueline Brooks
Dpt. of Sociology

OAPA Consultantbrooks
Jackie Brooks is an Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology. A graduate of The Ohio State University, she has substantive experience teaching sociology in various classroom environments from small, private liberal arts colleges to large, public universities. Her scholarship addresses the experiences of marginalized groups, highlighting the various intersecting forms of oppression that shape their lives. Her current research projects include: an analysis of the development of race consciousness in the context of social protests, the connection between race segregation and special education programs within the public school system, a critical analysis of racialized images in popular culture, and a study of non-traditional homelessness in the Sacramento area. In addition, she, along with two collegaues, is currently working on an undergraduate anthology to be used in courses that focus on race and ethnic inequalities. In the classroom, she is focused on engaging students in vibrant discussions of sociological theory, social inequalities, and research methods.
Office (Amador Hall): 916-278-3358

Dr. Milica Markovic
Dpt. of Electronic and Eletrical Engineering,
OAPA Consultant

Dr. Markovic is a Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) in the College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS). Her disciplinary expertise is in the area of microwave engineering and electromagnetics. Currently, she is the Quality Matters Coordinator for CSU Sacramento, Quality Assurance Campus Lead, the Chair of the CTL Quality Assurance Mentors group and the Chair of the CTL Teaching Summit Steering Committee. Previously, she was one of the inaugural members of the Provost's Advisory Committee on Assessment, the Chair of the ECS College Assessment Coordinators committee and the EEE assessment committee, and the Assessment Coordinator for the College of ECS and the EEE department. As the EEE  assessment coordinator, Dr. Markovic has developed and implemented the EEE Department assessment process,  prepared 60 binders of supplemental information for accreditation, and assembled and written the Self Study. The department successfully completed ABET accreditation in Fall of 2009 for the full six year period. Dr. Markovic was also the Chair of the Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Board. She received two teaching awards from Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Student Honors society.
Office (Riverside Hall): 916-278-7327