General Education Criteria and Outcomes

For two academic years, 2000-2001 and 2001-2002, the General Education Area Coordinator Task Force worked to develop outcomes for each of the General Education areas as well as the graduation requirements. Faculty were widely consulted for acceptance of the draft outcomes and pilot studies were conducted in each area to test assessment for the area outcomes. In the spring, 2002, the General Education Policies/Graduation Requirement Committee and the Faculty Senate approved the outcomes as stated below. The left column describes the criteria for courses in each area; the right column describes expected learning outcomes seen in students' behaviors.


A-1 Oral Communication criteria
A-2 Written Communication criteria
A-3 Critical Thinking
B-1 Physical Science
B-2 Life Forms
B-3 Lab Component
B-4 Mathematical Concepts&Quantitative Reasoning
B-5 Further Studies
C-1 World Civilizations
C-2 Introduction to the Arts
C-3 Introduction to the Humanities
C-4 Further Studies in the Arts and Humanities
D-1a Foundation in Social and Behavioral Sciences
D-1b World Cultures
D-2 Major Social Issues of the Contemporary Era
D-3 American Institutions
E Understanding Personal Development
Writing Intensive Outcomes
Race and Ethnicity Outcomes
Writing Criteria for all Upper Division GE Areas
English 20 Graduation Requirement
Foreign Language Graduation Requirements