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Assessing student learning : from grading to understanding / David Allen, editor ; foreword by Howar

LB 3051 .A7664 1998

Assessing science understanding : a human constructivist view / edited by Joel J. Mintzes, James H.

LB 1585 .A78 2000

Assessing student learning : new rules, new realities / Ron Brandt, editor

LB 3051 .A767 1998 c.2

Assessment : problems, developments, and statistical issues : a volume of expert contributions / edi

LB 3051 .A7666 1996

Classroom assessment : enhancing the quality of teacher decision making / Lorin W. Anderson

LB 3051 .A6984 2003

Assessing students' learning / James H. McMillan, editor

LB 1025.2 .N42 no.34

Techniques and strategies for interpreting student evaluations / Karron G. Lewis, editor

LB 1025.2 .N42 no.87

Principles of effective teaching in the online classroom / Renée E. Weiss, Dave S. Knowlton, Bruce W

LB 1025.2 .N42 no.84

Assessment strategies for the on-line class : from theory to practice / Rebecca S. Anderson, John F.

LB 1025.2 .N42 no.91

Assessing students' learning / James H. McMillan, editor

LB 1025.2 .N42 no.34 c.2

Assessing student understanding in science : a standards-based K-12 handbook / Sandra K. Enger, Robe

LB 1585.3 .E53 2001

Assessment in practice : putting principles to work on college campuses / Trudy W. Banta ... [et al.

LB 2366.2 .A88 1996

Evaluating student progress : principles of tests and measurements / J. Stanley Ahmann, Marvin D. Gl

LB 3063 .A43 1981

Assessing language for specific purposes / Dan Douglas

P 120 .S9 D68 2000

Assessment in higher education / John Heywood

LB 2367 .H46

Assessment in higher education : issues of access, quality, student development, and public policy :

LB 2366.2 .A874 1999

Assessment in higher education / John Heywood

LB 2366 .H49 1989

Assessment in higher education : politics, pedagogy, and portfolios / Patrick L. Courts and Kathleen

LB 2366.2 .C68 1993

Assessment in the classroom : a concise approach / Peter W. Airasian

LB 3051 .A5626 2000

Standards for educational and psychological testing / American Educational Research Association, Ame

LB 3051 .A693 1999

Looking together at student work : a companion guide to Assessing student learning / Tina Blythe, Da

LB 3051 .B54 1999

Designing tests for evaluating student achievement / James S. Cangelosi

LB 3060.65 C36 1990

Assessment essentials : planning, implementing, and improving assessment in higher education / Cathe

LB 2366.2 .P35 1999

Assessing for learning : building a sustainable commitment across the institution / Peggy L. Maki

LB 2366.2 .M35 2004

Assessing sociologists in higher education / edited by Eric Harrison and Robert Mears

LB 3051 .A87 2001

Assessment in science : practical experiences and education research / edited by Maureen McMahon ...

LB 1585 .A785 2006

Assessing student learning : a common sense guide / Linda Suskie

LB 2331 .S97 2004

Assessing communication education : a handbook for media, speech, and theatre educators / edited by

P 91.3 .A85 1994

Assessing media education : a resource handbook for educators and administrators / edited by William

P 91.3 .A853 2006

Assessing higher order thinking in mathematics / edited by Gerald Kulm

QA 13 .A877 1990

Mathematics assessment sampler, grades 9-12 : items aligned with NCTM's principles and standards for

QA 11.2 .M2777 2005

Mathematics assessment sampler, grades 6-8 : items aligned with NCTM's principles and standards for

QA 11.2 .M2776 2005

Sociological and psychological aspects of information literacy in higher education / Teresa Y. Neely

ZA 3075 .N44 2002