University Learning OutcomesFabric Scoped

Serving individuals who live and work in the state capital region and beyond, Sacramento State is committed to providing an academic environment in which community leadership grounded in scholarship is fostered. Our institutional learning outcomes reflect this commitment, and our programs are designed to provide opportunities for learners to build a strong knowledge base within and across disciplines, to grow as critical and analytical thinkers, to develop information competencies including expertise with a variety of modes of communication, and to engage in public discourse and community work as ethical and just human beings.

The following link leads to the document which explains our General Education Learning Outcomes:
General Education Learning Outcomes

The Chancellor's Office recently issued Executive Order 1033 governing General Education and directed all campuses to align GE learning outcomes with the LEAP outcome framework. Here is a summary of the LEAP Framework:
LEAP's Essential Learning Outcomes

The following link leads to the statement of our baccalauareate learning goals:
Baccalaureate Learning Goals