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Rebecca Cameron, Ph.D. Department Chair

Welcome to the Sacramento State Psychology Department's web site. Please explore the site to learn about our undergraduate and graduate programs, our dedicated faculty and staff, and our outstanding student groups. Opportunities for learning extend beyond the classroom to involvement in research labs and community settings, where students learn skills that include scientific thinking, research and analytic strategies, multicultural awareness, and ethical decision-making.

Be sure to meet with us in person as well as visiting us online. Prospects peer mentors are available to answer questions and to support your undergraduate experience Monday through Friday in AMD 358, and faculty advisors are available during office hours to discuss your interests and goals. Click here to find the office hours for our major advisors.

Rebecca Cameron,Ph.D., Department Chair

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Psychology Undergraduate Major Application

The Psychology Undergraduate Supplemental Application for Spring 2019 is now closed! If you missed the deadline, it will reopen on the first day of the Spring 2019 semester.
If you are not a current Sacramento State Student you will have to wait until you have been admitted to the University before applying to the Psychology Undergraduate program.



 Want more information on applying to the Psychology Undergraduate Program?

Contact Cheryl Lugo at with any questions.

Psychology Department News

PSYC 143: Practicum in Community Psychology

Are you interested in learning about Community Psychology while gaining practical experience in a community organization?

Applications are now open for our Spring 2019 cohort!
Priority Deadline: Friday, December 7th by 4:00pm to Amador 350

Applications and more information are available in the hallway across from Amador 350.
This 3‐unit course will consist of 3 hours per week in class with the faculty instructor
(Mondays 9:00am‐11:50am) and 90 hours per semester in supervised fieldwork. Students
must be PSYC majors and Senior standing, and submit an application. Due to high demand,
we will not be able to enroll all applicants, and decisions on enrollment will be at the
instructor’s discretion. Additional requirements vary depending on the community
organization. Applications submitted by December 7th will be given first priority;
applications will be considered on a rolling basis thereafter until the class or fieldwork sites
are filled.

PSYC 143 Application



Catalog Changes

You may have heard that our catalog requirements have changed.

The requirements for the Fall 2018 catalog will be the following:

–Total 13 units of lower division: CHDV 30, PSYC 2, PSYC 4, PSYC 8, and PSYC 9
–PSYC 100 and PSYC 121
–One upper division methods
–One biological processes
–Four courses from the Cognitive/Learning and Individual/Social processes categories with at least one course from each category
–One human diversity
–One capstone
–Total of 3 units of upper division Psychology course electives

Total units: 46 – 50 (33 – 37 upper division units required)

How this affects you depends on your academic situation:
  • Current Psychology Majors will remain in their current catalog year and will not be automatically switched to the Fall 2018 catalog.
  • Students that choose to be in the new catalog as well as incoming students will now be required to take:
–CHDV 30 – Human Development
–PSYC 9 – Introductory Statistics instead of PSYC 101 – Statistics for Psychology
–PSYC 121 – Methods and Statistics in Psychological Research
  • Students that want to remain in their current catalog can take new classes towards the 6 units of upper division electives in the major:
–PSYC 129 – Behavioral Research Methods
–PSYC 183 – Teaching of Psychology.
What's up with PSYC 101?

The former upper division PSYC 101 – Statistics for Psychology is now a lower division course, PSYC 9 – Introductory Statistics for Psychology. Current students who need to take or repeat PSYC 101, will be able to use PSYC 9 instead or possibly transfer in a course from a Community College (see PSYC F18 Registration Form.pdf ) .

What about prerequisites?

Many of the prerequisites have changed. Current majors and minors having issues with registering should contact the Psychology department office.


Contact the Psychology Department at 916-278-6254 or

Also check out the following researouces:

Navigating the FA18 Catalog.pptx

For a full explanation and answers to some common questions, watch the video: Navigating the F18 Catalog.mp4



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