Impaction Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about impaction or applying to the major?

Contact Cheryl Lugo at or 916-278-6504

1. What do I need to do to declare the Psychology Major at Sac State?
The Psychology Major is impacted. As such, an additional application is required to be submitted in order to be able to declare the major. This application is called the “Supplemental Application” and is in addition to the application submitted for university admission. For more information, visit our Impaction page.

2. How can I become eligible to submit the supplemental application?

You must complete the following criteria:
a. Have 30 units of college level coursework completed.
b. Have the Introductory Psychology course (PSYC 2 at Sac State), or its equivalent, completed with a letter grade of “C” or above within 3 attempts.
c. Be in Good Academic Standing at the time of application.
d. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3 in all college level coursework.

3. Are there any other classes required to be completed in order to apply? No other classes are required to be completed before you apply other than the Introductory Psychology course (PSYC 2 at Sac State).

4. Do AP and IB units count towards college level units?
Yes, they do. The AP Psychology Exam can also be counted as the equivalent of the Introductory Psychology (PSYC 2 at Sac State) course as long as a score of 3 or above was earned.

5. How do I find out which course at my community college is equivalent to the Introductory Psychology class?
Search for the equivalent course on

6. Which community college classes can I take to fulfill major requirements?

The only classes that transfer into the Psychology Major at Sac State from community colleges are:

  • PSYC 2 – Introductory Psychology
  • PSYC 8 – Methods of Psychology.
  • PSYC 9 - Statistics for Psychology - Depending on current articulation status; However, we are still in the process determining equivalences for this particular course.
  • CHDV 30 – Lifespan Development is also a course that can be transferred in for the major as long as the student’s catalog rights begin in Fall 2018.

No other community college Psychology courses will transfer into the major at Sac State but they can potentially transfer in as GE requirements. is not updated. Please contact Cheryl Lugo via e-mail at for the most current articulation information.

7. Are transcripts required for the supplemental application?

We evaluate upper division coursework completed at other 4-year institutions on a case by case basis. We will oftentimes request a syllabus of the course to help us determine the potential equivalency or course substitution.

8. Are transcripts required for the supplemental application?
Transcripts are no longer required for the supplemental application. However, having an unofficial copy of all of your college-level transcripts is recommended in case it is requested.

9. How do I know if I have been admitted to the major?
Applicants will receive an e-mail from Cheryl Lugo 2 – 3 weeks after the application deadline. Be sure to jeck your "Junk Mail" folder.

10. How do we submit a change of major form?
If you are admitted to the major, Cheryl Lugo will submit a Declaration of Major form on your behalf. These forms are very different from the ones that other non-impacted majors use and it is with the purpose of preventing non-admitted students to declare the major. With this in mind, you don’t need to worry about submitting the form as the Registrar’s Office will only accept these from the Psychology Department staff directly.

11. Will we need to re-apply every semester in order to remain a major?
Once you have been admitted into the major, you will not have to re-apply each semester to remain a major. If you are academically dismissed, academically disqualified, or if you take more than one semester off (Fall & Spring) without a Leave of Absence you will need to re-apply to the major.

12.If I am an incoming transfer student that did not get admitted into the major, does this mean that I won’t be able to attend Sac State?
You will still be able to attend Sac State as long as you have been admitted to the University regardless of whether you were admitted to an impacted major. With this in mind, you will be able to attend Sac State under the academic plan/major or “Expressed Interest in Psychology.” This means that students under this academic plan/major will be considered undeclared students with an expressed interest in declaring the Psychology major.

13. Can I re-apply to the major if I don’t get in the first time?
Yes, you will be able to re-apply. However, we strongly recommend that students interested in re-applying meet with Cheryl Lugo, Impaction Advisor, before re-applying to discuss your academic progress and plan of action.

14. I am an incoming transfer student and my registration date looks like it is before my orientation date. Can I register before attending New Student Orientation?
For incoming transfer students: you will not be able to register until you attend orientation. The registration date that shows up on your Student Center is not accurate. The registration hold will remain in place until you have attended New Student Orientation.

For current Sac State students: the registration date that shows up on your Student Center is accurate and this is the day that you will be able to register.