Sacramento State Psychology Graduate Program

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Nicole Scanlan, Graduate Program Admin Coordinator,


Application Available

October 1, 2018

Application Deadline

January 15, 2019 (ABA and General Psychology only - No I-O Applications Accepted)

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Program Overview

The Sacramento State Psychology Graduate program currently offers three Masters of Arts degree options

General MA: Students in the General Psychology program create individual programs in conjunction with the faculty to prepare for doctoral programs in a variety of specialized fields such as Clinical, Cognitive, Developmental, Educational, Experimental, Industrial/Organizational, Neuroscience, Quantitative, and Social Psychology. Students also take graduate courses in research methods, analysis of variance, multiple regression analysis, multivariate analysis, and psychological measurement.

Applied Behavior Analysis: The Behavior Analysis Program at Sacramento State has three goals:

  1. Teach students to think critically and scientifically about behavioral processes;
  2. Enable students to enter doctoral programs in behavior analysis;
  3. Prepare students for careers in applied behavior analysis by passing the national certification examination (BCABA and BCBA). The Behavior Analysis course sequence at Sacramento State has been approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB).

Industrial-Organizational Psychology: Industrial-Organizational Psychology involves the application of psychology to the workplace. I-O psychologists aim to improve the quality of working life for employees, as well as to help workplaces operate more effectively. Our program follows the "scientist/practitioner" model, which provides a combined emphasis on the scientific method and practical applications.

Application Filing Period

All application materials must be post-marked by January 15, including all official transcripts and GRE scores, which must also be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies. 

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum Cumulative Undergraduate GPA of 2.5
  • Graduate Records Examination (GRE). Undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) and the GRE general scores (Verbal and Quantitative combined) are weighted equally to form a standardized z score, and an admission criterion is established by the Department.
  • Undergraduate degree in Psychology preferred. The majority of students applying to our M.A. program have a B.A or B.S. in Psychology. Those without a B.A. or B.S. in Psychology must have a solid core of academic undergraduate psychology courses, including upper division statistics and psychological research methods courses, before beginning their graduate studies. Those without such preparation should not apply to our program (they will be automatically denied); instead, they need to remediate their deficiencies after which time they may pursue the application process.
  • Two Psychology upper division statistics/research methods courses are required. Two upper division courses in psychology statistics/research methods are required. We will review applications which include one upper division psychology statistics/research methods course.


Admission Data (Fall 2018)

The following is a table of the mean and standard deviation for the GPAs and GRE scores of those accepted for Fall 2018 admission.

Requirement Mean
GPA 3.54
GRE V 153
GRE Q 149
GRE W 3.85


Program Tracks

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