Overview of Undergraduate Program

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology is useful preparation for many occupations and for life generally. While you will not be called a psychologist after finishing your BA degree, you will be able to apply your knowledge of fundamental psychological concepts, methods, and findings.

  • A BA in Psychology should help to prepare you for any position that requires a solid understanding of human behavior.
  • A degree in Psychology can provide a basis for personal growth through meeting academic challenges and through learning about how people deal with their environment, themselves, and those with whom they interact.

Students in the undergraduate program develop a broad understanding of the various aspects of human behavior as well as research skills. They study biological, developmental, social, and cognitive and learning processes of human behavior.

Undergraduate students also have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in the form of faculty-supervised research projects and fieldwork experiences

Each year about 300 students work with faculty on research projects or work in various organizations and community service agencies in the Sacramento region.

We also encourage our undergraduates to meet with one of our Major Advising Faculty. Faculty office hours are posted near the Department office in AMD 350. Each has their own open office hours in which students are free to drop in and discuss the major and its requirements.


Interested in a Psychology Minor?

Check out the University Catalog for details. NO APPLICATION REQUIRED. Simply fill out a Declaration/Change of Minor Form and meet with a Major Advisor. Once the form is complete submit to the Psychology Department Office in AMD 350.