Applying to Graduate Online

The online graduation application has replaced the paper application. Our goal is to simplify the Graduation Application Process for students. Videos, Manuals, and FAQs are available below to guide you through the process. 

In order to apply for graduation, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have 85 units completed at the point of applying for graduation
  • You must have a declared Major/Minor on record
  • You must have an assigned Major/Minor advisor on record
  • You must be enrolled as an undergraduate student
  • Second bachelor's students must meet with a graduation advisor to obtain a graduation application


  • For Fall graduation you should submit your application by February 1st.
  • For Spring graduation you should submit your application by October 1st.
  • Graduation filing dates coincide with the appropriate semester registration dates.
The “Graduation Application” link is located on your Student Center.
When applying for graduation using the online application, you are given the option to pay at the time you electronically submit your application or pay at a later date. Please note that if you pay the graduation filing fee after you have submitted your application, a hold will be placed on your record. A "fee" link is provided on your online application allowing you to pay your fee online at a later date.

No, you will not be eligible to apply for graduation online UNTIL you have declared a major/minor advisor. Please visit your declared major/minor department to select an advisor.

Yes. When you begin your Upper Division coursework for your major/minor, it is beneficial to select an advisor for proper guidance for your major and/or minor. It is very important to discuss appropriate substitutions, catalog rights, and elective selection with a major/minor advisor prior to applying for graduation.

You may access your graduation application any time after submitting for approval and review. The “Application Status” field will indicate the status of your application during the online process. Below are the status types describing the various stages of your online graduation application:

  • Applying
  • Pending Graduation Evaluation
  • Graduation Evaluation Complete
  • Degree Awarded
  • Degree Denied

The “Acceptance Status” field indicates whether your advisor and/or department chair have approved your application.

Yes, you will receive immediate confirmation that your application was successfully submitted. After the approval process and your application have been reviewed by an evaluator, you will receive an email notification that your graduation evaluation is available for you to review.
Any waiver or substitution of major/minor requirements must be noted on the substitution/waiver petition (a link is provided on your graduation application) and approval is required by the department chairperson. The form must be submitted to the Degree Evaluations Office in order to update your Degree Progress Report to reflect the appropriate substitutions and/or waivers.

Once of the most common reasons degree posting is delayed occurs when students do not provide official transcripts of coursework completed at other colleges that are being used towards requirements for graduation. You may hand deliver an official transcript (must be sealed) to Lassen Hall or mail your official transcripts to:

Office of the University Registrar
Attn: Degree Evaluations
California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6056

If you have completed three years of one foreign language with a C- grade or better in your final semester, your high school transcript will be used to clear the Foreign Language Requirement. Please make sure you have submitted an official high school transcript to the Office of the University Registrar at the address above.
It could take several weeks for your graduation application to be approved by your major/minor advisor and department chair. If your application has been delayed in the approval process, please direct all questions to your major/minor department on record.
Your graduation application will be forwarded to the Degree Evaluations Office once your application has been approved by your advisor and/or department chair. Depending on the department, the approval process could take several weeks.
The Degree Evaluations Office will review your graduation application to ensure that your major, minor, General Education, Graduation and State Law requirements are appropriately met. Due to the volume of applications received and the thorough review required for your evaluation, a timeframe is difficult to determine. However, our goal is to complete your graduation evaluation prior to the beginning of your final semester.
You will receive an email indicating that your graduation evaluation is available for you to view. You can navigate to your student center to view your evaluation and Degree Progress Report.
You can view your graduation application for specific notations pertaining to your academic progress as well as review your Academic Requirements Report for specific remaining requirements for graduation which is located on your student center.
The advising summary page is a custom page that houses a multitude of information including transfer schools attended, transferable units, test credit, internal and external courses, upper division courses along with Sac State and overall cumulative statistics. This page is a one-stop-shop summarizing information pertaining to your academic transcript.
If you have any questions regarding your evaluation, please visit the Degree Evaluations Office located in Lassen Hall on Tuesdays or Wednesdays between 9am and 1pm or by phone at (916) 278-3901.
A “Change” link has been provided on your graduation application enabling you to change your graduation date after it has been submitted.
Please note: Currently enrolled students may only move a graduation date forward two semesters. A $28.00 fee will be assessed only if your application has been evaluated by the Degree Evaluations office.
Commencement is handled by the Office of University Advancement. All information regarding the commencement ceremonies can be found at the following website
Degrees are awarded during the 8-10 weeks following the end of the semester and will appear on your official transcript after your degree has been conferred. Diplomas are ordered on a monthly basis. Please be sure we have your current mailing address updated in your student center.
If you received notification that you have not completed all requirements for graduation, review your evaluation along with your Academic Requirements Report for specific remaining requirements and contact the Degree Evaluations Office with any questions or follow-up. You must change your graduation date to be eligible to register in your remaining graduation requirements.