Progress To Degree Frequently Asked Questions

P2D Progress to Degree

Progress Meters are a new visual tool to view how much Progress you are making Towards your Degree. The Progress Meters mainly display your progress in General Education and Major courses, whether you are in good academic standing and taking courses applicable to your degree program. It does not include second majors, multiple concentrations or minors. Points do not equal units.

Progress to degree meters

Student View

Navigate to your Student Center, and select the Progress To Degree link on the left hand side. Use the tabs at the top of the page to switch between the meter view and details view.

student center navigation

details tab in student center

Faculty Advisor View

Navigate to your Advisor Center, and select student center view for your student. Select the Progress To Degree link on the left hand side. The Progress To Degree view is the same as the student view above.

advisor center

No, the categories used in the Overall 100 Progress Meter total do not include all graduation requirements. It does not include second majors, second concentrations, minors, elective units, or the 120 unit minimum total required to graduate. It also does not include specific graduation requirements for some but not all majors, such as the GWAR and foreign language requirement.

At this time, the major Progress Meter can only focus on one major. If you have more than one declared major or concentration, you will be asked to choose a Primary major. If you need to switch which major is your current primary focus, please use this Declaration of Primary Major form.

The Progress Meters are a visual and colorful measurement of your progress towards your General Education and Major, which make up the majority of your graduation requirements. As you complete courses in your major and GE, you will see a visual update to your Progress Meters. In addition, you can view a text version of your progress meter points in the Details tab.

If you are a senior who has not applied to graduate, your Progress Towards your Degree will be used to determine your Fall 2014 registration appointment. 

We cannot make this decision for you. You must select the major that is currently your primary focus.

It depends. The major with the least amount of units remaining will show more progress than the major you just declared and started working on. But if you are in good standing, have less than 150 units overall, have been taking courses in both majors, and have also been completing general education requirements, then it may not make much of a difference. 

Once registration appointments have been assigned, you may not change the order of your majors/concentrations until right before the next registration cycle.

Go to your Student Center, click on the “other academic” drop-down menu, and run your Academic Requirements.

Make sure you check your Academic Requirements page. Make sure any and all approved course substitutions and waivers have been turned in to the Registrar’s Office for updating. Also, make sure you’ve turned in all your official transcripts from other institutions for transfer credit evaluation and processing.

Since the Progress Meters measure your progress towards your declared major, once you change your major, the points accumulated from the old major will be removed.  This is why we strongly encourage you to NOT change your major multiple times. If you are considering changing your major, talk with your Academic Advisor.

Please contact the Registration Helpline at (916) 278-8088 Mon-Fri 8AM - 4PM and our staff will assist you.

Yes, in progress courses taken here at Sacramento State are counted in your Progress Meters.

Make sure you re-run your Academic Requirements page. This will refresh your point totals.