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Students with a valid SacLink Internet Services account may register, pay fees and add/drop classes via My Sac State. If you do not have an account, you can find out how to get one by the IRT Service Desk. SacLink accounts are free to eligible students.

The CSU recently adopted some new academic regulations which will impact registration for undergraduate students effective Fall 2010 semester. Please review the following information carefully to become familiar with these new policies.

Incomplete Grades and Repeat Policy Changes Effective Fall 2010

  • Students may not repeat courses where an “I” grade has been previously assigned unless the “I” grade has lapsed or a grade of “C-” or lower has been assigned
  • Students may not repeat courses where a grade of “C” or higher was previously received unless the course may be taken more than once for credit, or whose academic program – major requires a grade higher than a “C” .
  • Students will be prevented from enrolling in a course where the grade previously earned is a C or better (or Credit), or an “I” grade that has not lapsed.
  • Students may repeat no more than a total of 28 units
  • Students may repeat a maximum of 16 units for grade forgiveness.
  • Courses taken prior to Fall 2010 will not count towards the 16 units of grade forgiveness
  • Students may repeat an individual course for grade forgiveness no more than two times without review and written approval by your academic advisor and/or department chair.
  • Students may repeat an additional 12 units for grade average beyond the 16 units of forgiveness, a maximum of 28 total units.
  • A Petition for Exception to the Undergraduate Repeat Policy will be available during Late Registration. Please check the Registrar’s website for availability.

The new Repeat Policy is applicable to all undergraduate students and applies only to courses taken at Sacramento State. Please note that students will be blocked at registration from attempting to enroll in courses where a grade of “I” or “C” or higher has been received.

Withdrawal Policy Changes Effective Fall 2010

  • Students may withdraw from no more than 18 units in their undergraduate career. Any “W” grades received prior to Fall 2010 semester do not count towards the 18 unit maximum.
  • Students who enroll during early registration and then need to Withdraw prior to the beginning of the Semester will not have these units count in the maximum number of withdrawal units.
  • Students may withdraw from courses during the first four weeks of instruction without penalty. Students withdrawing after the semester begins are still subject to pay prorated registration fees. No grade is recorded on the student’s transcript for courses dropped during the first four weeks of instruction.
  • After the census date (fourth week) students may petition to withdraw through the 12th week of instruction. A grade of “W” is recorded on the student’s transcript.
  • Students may withdraw from no more than 18 units in their undergraduate career. Any “W” grades received prior to Fall 2010 semester do not count towards the 18 unit maximum.
  • Withdrawals are not permitted during the last three weeks of the semester except in cases, such as accident or serious illness, where the cause is due to circumstances clearly beyond the student’s control and the assignment of an “I” grade is not appropriate.
  • Withdrawals accepted during the last three weeks of the semester will not count towards the 18 unit maximum cap, however, a grade of “W” is still recorded on the student’s transcript.

Please refer to the Petition to Add/Drop after Deadline to determine which signatures are required during the fifth through twelve week of instruction. Students wishing to withdraw from the University for the entire semester must file a Withdrawal Form with the Student Services Center, Lassen Hall. Students wishing to drop/withdraw from an individual course during the final three weeks of the semester must submit a Drop Petition to the Student Services Center, Lassen Hall.

New Academic Policies FAQs

My Sac State - Your Information Gateway

My Sac State is the electronic registration system at Sacramento State. You can access your own personal self-service Student Center by logging onto My Sac State. On My Sac State there are many features including registration, wait listing, fee payment, financial aid status, and holds.

Step One: Log into the Student Center to find your registration appointment. Before your registration appointment, you need to clear any holds or outstanding fees due from a current or prior semester. Continuing students register first so make sure you are good to go before you register. Registration fees will not be due until after you enroll in classes.

Step Two: The next phase of registration is for new transfer or freshmen to register for classes at orientation. During this time, continuing students may resume adding, dropping or swapping classes. You may also be added to a class you have wait listed. During this time, fee payment will most likely be due for continuing students who registered earlier so be sure and pay your fees.

Step Three: The final phase of registration is called Late Registration and Change of Schedule. It begins three weeks before the semester begins and continues through the second week of the semester.

Registration Appointments are assigned by class level priority two weeks prior to the first day of registration. You can log into My Sac State to look up your registration appointment. For the Fall semesters, new Transfer students register at Orientation in June. New Freshmen must attend Orientation and register for classes on their orientation day in June/July. For the Spring semesters, new Transfer and Freshmen students must attend Orientation and register for classes on their orientation day in December.

The Spring 2018 Schedule of Classes is now available for students, faculty, and staff at My Sac State

You may add yourself to a waitlist for a class if the class is full.  The wait list does not guarantee a seat in the class.  You may enroll in up to 9 units on the wait list.  You must be eligible to enroll in the class to be on the wait list.  The wait list will not override a time conflict with another class.  You may check your wait list placement anytime.  The My Sac State Messaging System will notify you when you have been enrolled in a wait listed class.  The wait list will not be available once classes begin.  Each faculty member will make the determination as to who will be allowed to add a class when the semester begins.

The Office of the University Registrar verifies enrollment for many purposes: eligibility for financial aid, scholarships, insurance companies, banks, loan guarantee agencies, employment, veteran's benefits, and reporting purposes. Certification of enrollment status is defined for full-time, half-time and less than half-time.

Undergraduate/Post-Baccalaureate (2nd Baccalaureate) students:

  • Full-Time = 12 or more units
  • Half-time = 6 – 11.9 units
  • Less than half-time = less than 6 units. 

Graduate students:

  • Full-Time = 8 or more units
  • Half-time = 4 - 7.9 units
  • Less than half-time = less than 4.0 units.

Enrollment and Degree Verifications are processed through the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). NSC verifications are provided 24/7/365. The exception is if the dates of attendance are prior to 1993, then the verification may take two - seven business days to process. Provide as much information as possible to the NSC including all names used, dates of attendance if known, social security number and date of birth.
The NSC does charge a fee.
Please see their web-site for applicable fees.

The National Student Clearinghouse has the following instructions:
If this is your first time using the NSC, you will need to set up an account with them.

Students can also obtain verification of your enrollment from the Office of the University Registrar:

  • in-person with proper photo identification at the Student Service Counter, first floor, Lassen Hall
  • by mailing the request with your authorization and signature, and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

    Office of the University Registrar
    Sacramento State,
    6000 J Street
    Sacramento, CA 95819-6056.

Drop courses through the second week of the semester through the Student Center. You don't need signatures, but you must drop online. There is no such thing as an automatic drop. Instructors have the authority to drop students, but they are not required to do so. Even if your instructor asks you to leave the class, the drop must be entered on My Sac State. Failure to drop a course according to University policy is likely to result in the assignment of a failing grade of "WU" or "F" in that course. If you are uncertain which classes you are enrolled in, log onto My Sac State and check your Student Center or check with the Student Services Counter.

Click here to download form

If you are not able to complete the semester because of unforeseen circumstances, it is very important that you complete the forms for official withdrawal from the University. If you stop attending classes without withdrawing, you will be assigned "F" or "WU" grades in your courses.


Military Active Duty and Reservists - If you receive change of station orders or are called to active duty and must withdraw from the semester, contact the Student Services Center, Lassen Hall, or call (916) 278-1000. This is a one-stop location for withdrawal forms and information.

Note: Refunds are prorated based on date of withdrawal. Click here for more information.
Procedures for Withdrawal from all Classes

If you have questions about withdrawing from all classes, contact the Student Services Center, Lassen Hall , (916)278-1000.

Sacramento State students are granted an automatic leave of absence for one semester. This leave maintains continuing student status including eligibility for registration in the following semester, and holds catalog rights for determination of degree requirements.

Leave of Absence Information

Former Sacramento State students who have been absent two or more semesters must apply for readmission, and an application fee is charged. Check for deadlines for submission of applications. Students who have been academically dismissed must file an appeal to the University Readmission Committee.

There are hundreds of semester courses from across the CSU system that are being offered on-line through the CSU Fully On-Line Course Offerings via Cross-Campus Enrollment.  Current and Continuing students who meet eligibility criteria:  In Good Academic Standing; Have completed at least 12 units at Sac State; who have paid tuition and fees as a “full-time” student, enrolled in more than 6 units, for Spring 2018 are eligible to enroll in one CSU on-line course per term.  You may only enroll in semester-based campus courses. You may not enroll in courses that are quarter system.

1. Not sure if online courses are right for you? Click here to take the online readiness self-assessment.

2. Go to to view courses offered. Once your eligibility is confirmed, you can search the Schedule of Classes for Spring 2018. You should also consult with your academic advisor to determine how the course may apply to your degree requirements.

3. Once you pick a course, go to your Student Center, click on the CourseMatch link under Academics, and enter the course information no later than the date shown for the campus offering the course. For detailed instructions on how to request enrollment, click here.

At this time, students are limited to enrolling in one course unless the course includes a lab.

Phone: (916) 278-1000 option 4

Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.