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Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development
Division of Academic Affairs
University Library, 2nd Floor South- Suite 2520
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6093
(916) 278-6402

Yvonne Harris, PhD
Associate Vice President

Shannon Rexin
Associate Director
(916) 278-7874

Julie McGinty
Research Operations Analyst
(916) 278-4918

Ana Azad
Research Support Coordinator
(916) 278-6402 


Research Integrity and Compliance

Leah Vargas
Research Integrity and Compliance Officer
(916) 278-5674

Research Development
Help faculty and staff develop more competitive proposal and contract narratives through concept development and editorial support. For departmental assignments, visit ORIED Contacts by college/department.

Jill Shannon, PhD
Senior Research Development Officer
(916) 278-2069

Rebecca Greene, PhD
Research Development Analyst
(916) 278-3667 


Proposal Development & Submission
Assist faculty and staff with identifying grant funding possibilities; completing proposal elements including budgets, supporting documents, and forms; and securing university approvals prior to submission. For departmental assignments, visit ORIED Contacts by college/department.

Sonya Lovine
Sponsored Research Officer
(916) 278-5390

Kim Fischer
Proposal Development Specialist
(916) 278-6111

Elizabeth Cabral
Proposal Development Specialist
(916) 278-2054

Kenny Knodt
Sponsored Research Associate
(916) 278-7927


Contract Services
Develop & negotiate research contracts with government agencies, non-profits, and private sector business on behalf of faculty, centers, and institutes; assist with development of contract scopes of work and budgets; secure university approvals for research contracts.

Lise Loeffler-Welton
Senior Contract Development Officer
(916) 278-2451


Faculty Research Liaisons

Jana Noel, PhD
Director, Educational and Community Research Partnerships
Professor, Teacher Education

Nancy Sweet, PhD
Arts & Humanities Faculty Liaison;
RCA Subcommittee Chair; Professor, English