Research Support Services

The Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development (ORIED) assists faculty and staff in seeking external support for their research and scholarly activities, and works in conjunction with UEI Sponsored Programs Administration which manages the resulting awards.

All final proposal elements including a Proposal Approval Form (PAF) signed by your Dean and Chair should be received by ORIED no later than 2 full business days before the submission deadline. Proposals elements received less than 1 full business day before the deadline may be submitted as is.

ORIED services include the following:

Grant Development Support Travel Fund (GTS Fund)

Funding Information Request Form

Stats Assistance Request Form

Research ListServ

Institutional Data for Proposals

ORIED Office Services Handout (PDF)

Process Services Primary Point of Contact
Finding Funding
  • Conduct funding searches and provide guidance on accessing the SPIN/SMARTS funding database
  • Provide guidance on federal, state and private funding opportunities
  • Assist with determining suitability of funding agency/program
Proposal Specialist
Research Proposal and Narrative Development
  • Assist with conceptualizing and refining project ideas, and logic models or other visualizations
  • Provide guidance connecting to on-campus resources for specialized expertise, e.g., statistics help
  • Provide content and editorial reviews of proposal narratives, offering critiques from a reviewer’s perspective
  • Facilitate development of interdisciplinary and collaborative proposals
  • Arrange for concept or proposal review by an external agency/content expert
  • Provide guidance on organizing proposal teams and communicating with program officers
  • Provide guidance on resources for enhancing student research opportunities
  • Provide faculty Protected Writing Time
  • Assist with statistical analysis & methods for grant proposals and project evaluation. Request assistance here.

To identify the point of contact for your college, visit ORIED Contacts by College/ Department.

Research Development Officer/Analyst
Application and Budget Development
  • Review and interpret application guidelines and provide guidance on funder policies and practices
  • Navigate and provide technical assistance with electronic proposal submission systems
  • Assist with developing budgets and budget narratives/justifications
  • Assist with supporting documents including application forms; review for research compliance components and provide referrals to appropriate university contacts
  • Initiate Proposal Approval Form (PAF) and facilitate obtainment of other University approvals
  • Submit hard copy and electronic proposals
  • Review terms and conditions of grant awards, negotiating with sponsors as needed

To identify the point of contact for your college/ unit, see ORIED contacts by College/ Department.

Proposal Specialist
Contract Development
  • Provide guidance when government agencies or private business seek expertise of faculty, centers, and institutes
  • Assist in developing Scopes of Work (SOWs) and contract budgets
  • Develop, review and negotiate contract terms and conditions, ensuring compliance with University and UEI policies and practices
  • Initiate Proposal Approval Form (PAF) and facilitate obtainment of University approvals. 
Senior Contract Development Officer
Institutional Compliance and Research Integrity

Facilitate compliance with university, state and federal regulations in areas of:

  • animal care and use
  • conflict of interest
  • export controls
  • protection of human subject in research
  • intellectual property
  • responsible conduct of research
Research Integrity and Compliance Officer
Award Review and Acceptance
  • Review the terms and conditions of awards
  • Ensure compliance with University policies
  • Negotiate awards with sponsors as needed
Proposal Specialist
Senior Contract Development Officer
Account Administration and Management
  • Manage awards in compliance with university and sponsor policies from account set-up to close out and audit
UEI Sponsored Programs Administration