Find Funding

Resources for identifying potential sources of support for research and scholarly activities led by Sacramento State faculty and staff.

Funding Newsletters

Grants Resource Center (GRC) provides three regular publications to members with federal and private funding opportunity alerts, federal meeting coverage, and successful proposal development strategies and advice.

For more information on obtaining access to GRC's publications, please contact ORIED at

Research Development & Grant Writing News outlines proven strategies that can be used to compete successfully for research and education funding from federal agencies and foundations.  To sign up to receive it monthly, email To view archives, visit here.

Research Funding Update is published monthly during the academic year to highlight potential sources of external support from governmental agencies and private organizations.

Funding Opportunities by Email

SMARTS (SPIN Matching and Research Transmittal Service) is an electronic matching and funding opportunity notification system that provides information on federal and non-federal grants, contracts and fellowships as they are announced by the various agencies.

To receive SMARTS grant alerts via e-mail, configure a Basic, Advanced or Keyword search in SPIN, save the search, and specify the automation you prefer (i.e. daily or weekly notices). Email alerts will include newly added or modified opportunities that meet the criteria of the saved search.  Your SMARTS daily or weekly history will also be available online in the Funding Alerts section.

Multiple SPIN searches can be saved and automated allowing you to separate alerts by different research areas of interest or other criteria. To review, add, or modify SMARTS automation for saved searches, login and go to the Funding Alerts menu.

Note: You must be logged in to save searches – anonymous users do not have the ability to save searches and therefore cannot configure SMARTS automation. To create a SPIN/SMARTS user account, go to and click on the SPIN icon in the top navigation. Then select "Sign In" and click "Need to create a new profile?"

Sponsor Listservs and eNewsletters listing with details on how to subscribe to federal and non-federal agency distribution lists.


Searchable Funding Databases

GRANTSEARCH is the Grants Resource Center’s funding database. GrantSearch is designed so faculty members and staff at GRC member campuses can easily access grants availability information according to academic discipline and funding agency.

For more information on obtaining access to GRANTSEARCH, please contact ORIED at

GRAPES is a catalog of funding opportunities for graduate students, students working on a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation, and postdoctoral scholars. It includes fellowship and internship opportunities.

SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) is an extensive database of nearly 40,000 funding opportunities from federal agencies, private foundations, corporations, international organizations and professional associations. 

To access SPIN, go to  From here users can conduct basic and advanced searches.  For more functionality like saving searches and activating automated funding email notifications (SMARTS), or to access SPIN from off-campus, users must conduct searches while logged in to their SPIN/SMARTS user account.

To create a SPIN/SMARTS user account, go to  Then select Sign In and click Need to Create a New Profile?

For assistance with SPIN and details on the various SPIN features, check out the following resources:

Below find details on campus resources available to support faculty research, scholarly, and professional development activities. Also, check with your dean to find out about local resources that may be available to support your scholarly work.  

  • Student Academic Development (SAD) funds support activities that extend students’ educational experiences including attendance at a professional meeting or workshop, development of a special curriculum-related project or presentation, and participation in an academic competition or artistic performance. 

  • UEI Campus Grant Program funds projects that are innovative, have a demonstrable need and clearly benefit Sacramento State students, faculty and/or staff.